Thursday, July 3, 2008

UniVerse introduces Poetry + New Media

UniVerse of Poetry

introduces Poetry + New Media

UniVerse presents Poetry + New Media, a living archive dedicated to poetry married to music and film, giving voice to exquisite, compelling artists internationally.

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In appreciation of patron Whole Foods Market

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Artists are welcome to submit.

Please e-mail to

1. An mp3 of a signature piece(s) of poetry & music/links to poetry & film.
2. Artist’s name (as it should appear)
3. One link to artist
4. Artist's nation
5. Title of work
6. Copyright information
7. Permission allowing UniVerse of Poetry to feature the work

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Yes, poetry can help remedy injustice, and you can, too. Please become a patron of a UniVerse poet by responding to this email. All donations are tax deductible. UNIVERSE OF POETRY is an archive, increasingly interactive forum and celebration of international poetry encouraging universal dialogue, compassion and peace. Each nation, with or without territory, will be represented by at least onelaureled poet. Poets writing in endangered languages andoral-traditionalists will also be represented. Please visit UniVerse and share the work of these remarkable poets. Curricula is being developed to enable schools, colleges and universities toutilize UniVerse as a free resource. UniVerse of Poetry is an artist-in-residence at FLATfile Galleries, Chicago; Shakespeare & Company, Paris; and TWiN Poetry, UK. Sponsors include Whole Foods Market, The Harris Foundation, BP America, and Seyfarth Shaw. UniVerse is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, dedicated to human dignity. All donations are tax deductible and benefit UniVerse of Free Expression initiative, celebrating both internationally acclaimed artists and under-recognized visionaries, focusing on the triumph and humanity of their creative achievements despite the challenges of so many of these poets living as refugees.

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Please forward this announcement and invitation.

Thank you,RichardFammerée

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