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THE LINEUP Seeks Poems on Crime by July 31

Issue 3 Release Date: April 2010

What We're Looking For

The Lineup: Poems on Crime is an annual print journal (6x9 inches, 1-inch margins all around). There are limits of 3 accepted poems per person and 50 lines per poem.

Any poetic form considered, including free verse. In terms of tone, we are not looking to sensationalize or glorify crime. We want poets' honest, powerful reactions to what they see as crime. Gratuitous anything is discouraged.

We do accept and acknowledge previously published poems provided you own the reprint rights. All rights revert to the authors upon publication.

All contributors receive a free copy of the book.

Submitting Your Work

You may send up to 5 poems, 50 lines max per poem, preferably as plain text in the body of an e-mail. (RTF attachments are acceptable if your poem's layout cannot be reproduced in plain text.)

E-mail Gerald (g_so AT yahoo DOT com) with a subject line including "Lineup Submission".

Include your street address and e-mail address in the body of the message and on the first page of any attached files. Indicate whether your poems are new or previously published. If previously published, provide as much detail as possible about where and when poems first appeared (e.g. title of publication, volume or issue number, year of publication). No simultaneous submissions.

Submission Periods

General: June 15 - July 31, 2009. Both solicited and unsolicited submissions considered.

Invitation Only: September 1 - October 31, 2009. Only invited submissions considered. Do not submit during this period unless invited by one of the editors.

Selection Process

All proper submissions are distributed and scored 1-5, with the editors abstaining from scoring any poems of their own. The poems with the highest average scores are accepted for publication.


If you have submitted properly, you will be notified of your work's status by November 20, 2009. Any submission that does not follow the guidelines may be rejected without notification.

Editors: Gerald So, Sarah Cortez, R. Narvaez, Anthony Rainone

Reprinted from Special thanks to Richie Narvaez for his Facebook message.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Prose & Poetry on Grandparents by Sept 15

Grandma's Quilts/Grandpa's Attic

Silver Boomer Books seeks submissions for an anthology tentatively identified as Grandma's Quilts/Grandpa's Attic. Submissions of prose and poetry should be submitted pursuant to these guidelines by September 15, 2009. The emphasis is on grandparents, not on quilts and attics. Tell us stories of your grandparents or those of other people, events you remember, character sketches, tales they spun – wisdom handed down from your grandparents, or what you as a grandparent want to communicate to your grandchildren. Send poetry or prose, and consider our earlier anthologies, Silver Boomers, Freckles to Wrinkles, and This Path for examples of style.

How We Want It:

Electronic submission is preferred, with the manuscript or poem pasted into the body of the email. We are giving first preference to poetry of less than 50 lines, and prose not exceeding 1500 words. Poetry shorter than 12 lines tickles the editor in charge of formatting and stands a good chance of being used if the quality's there. We ask for one-time rights. If the submission has been previously published, cite each prior publication. If prior publication history is not included (including "This piece has not been published") the piece will not be considered. We require that a 50-100 word biographical sketch, written in third person, be included with the submission. See the authors page for sample bios. Entries not meeting this requirement will not be considered. Please don't submit material you sent previously for a Silver Boomer Book as we have that and will be contacting authors if we feel the work would fit in future anthologies.

Electronic submissions:

  • Email us at
    • In the subject line type "Submission -- Prose: Name of Entry" Substitute your title for "name of entry" and for poetry substitute "poetry" for "prose."
    • In the body of the email type this information:
  • Your name
  • Your pen name if you desire to use a different name
  • Your mailing address
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number
  • Previous publication history of your submission
  • Word count for prose, line count for poetry. In counting lines for poetry, start with the first line and count each line to the last including blank lines.
  • A 50 to 100 word biographical sketch of yourself written in 3rd person. See the Silver Boomers authors' page for style.
  • Cut and paste your entry into the body of the email.
    • Multiple submissions are welcome but must be in separate emails with all information listed above in the email with each entry.
    • In submitting your entry, you represent:
  • The work you are submitting is your work.
  • You have the rights to the work and have not previously conveyed exclusive rights to any other publisher.
  • You agree to the terms and conditions set out on this page.

Postal Mail Submissions:

We STRONGLY prefer electronic submissions. PLEASE consider using that method. Use good standard formatting rules and send the same materials required for electronic submission. You may include a self-addressed stamped postcard for notice of whether or not your manuscript has been accepted. If you prefer to be notified by email a postcard need not be sent. If you include a second self-addressed stamped postcard, we will use that to inform you we have received the manuscript. This is optional. Manuscripts will not be returned to the author, and will be shredded after publication of the book. Mail to: Silver Boomer Books, 3301 S 14th Suite 16 - PMB 134, Abilene Texas 79605. Do not decorate your manuscript or envelopes with happy faces, lip prints, perfume, cookies or other gimmicks.

What You Get:

Payment is $5 for poetry and $10 for prose plus a contributor's copy. If you label it prose but we think it's poetry, we'll pay the poetry rate. In addition, contributors will be allowed to purchase copies of the work at an author's price for two years following the initial release. All payments are upon publication. Your name and story/poem title will be listed on the website for two years. You will be allowed to post to the authors' blog on the Silver Boomers website so you can publicize signings and speaking engagements as well as comment on the experience.

Silver Boomer Books
3301 S 14th Suite 16 - PMB 134
Abilene TX 79605

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Submissions Seeked on CHANCE by September 1st

MotesBooks seeks submission for its 2010 MOTIF Anthology. This will be the 2nd anthology in the MOTIF Series. The theme for Volume 2 is CHANCE. The Editor is Marianne Worthington. Submission Deadline is September 1, 2009. Publication date: Early 2010. Writers will be notified about acceptances by the end of 2009.

Submission may be poems, short stories, song lyrics, short memoirs, essays, letters, creative nonfiction, or other forms. Prose under 3000 words. Poetry/Lyrics - up to 3 pieces.

Submit only by email. Send manuscript as .doc or .rtf attachment (Arial, 12 point, single space) to with only "MOTIF Anthology" as the subject line. Include all author contact information and a 50-60 word bio.

Each contributor whose work is accepted will receive one complimentary copy of the book upon publication as payment. Contributors will also receiving an ongoing contributor's discount for unlimited purchase of additional copies to use or resell.

For more complete details, click the image above twice to view full size in its own window.

Louisville, Kentucky

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wrestling Poetry Project

Announcing the Wrestling Poetry Project.

For you good poets, editors, publishers, illustrators and/or, yes, wrestlers, here are the pertinent links:

At Clattery MacHinery on Poetry:;

At Babilu:;,3153,3153#msg-3153

Submission guidelines for artwork and poems are unique and progressive.

Rus Bowden

For your convenience we've posted an excerpt of Rus's detailed submission call here. Please go to his blog Clattery MacHinery on Poetry to read his call in its entirety.

We don’t have nearly enough wrestling poetry.

This Wrestling Poetry Project is intended to foster poetry that is about or related to the sport of amateur wrestling. This can mean our ancient idea of wrestling, which was a sport in the original Olympics, or the current sport, which has essentially three major styles here in the US: (1) the American folkstyle (a.k.a. collegiate style) which is what we have in the high schools and colleges of the USA; (2) freestyle, which is a modern Olympic sport, and (3) the upper-body-oriented Greco-Roman style, also an Olympic sport, which significantly does not include leg holds. There is also Sumo wrestling, and martial arts grappling, and many others around the world. Some of these can be found at the Wikipedia site: Wrestling, which is where the photos came from for this post.

For the Wrestling Poetry Project, the poetry you write may also be about what happens between siblings, and may include parents as family time gets rambunctious in the parlor. It may also be about wrestling with ideas, or non-human beings, or something otherworldly or what have you, for instance Jacob’s wrestling match in Genesis 32:24-32 and David Hernandez’ “Proof”, a poem in which a bear is wrestled. What I don’t mean is the professional wrestling of the WWE or what Hulk Hogan and Randy “Macho Man” Savage would practice, with flying elbows off the top rope and tomahawk chops and whatnot.

Write a good wrestling poem, and submit it to be part of a collection of poems to be posted on Clattery Machinery on Poetry this coming November, near when wrestling season begins...

Submissions will only be accepted in the submission thread at Babilu: Wrestling Poetry Project Submission Area. To post a poem there, you will first need to be registered at Babilu. You can do that here: Register here. Babilu also has a workshop area, wherein you can post your wrestling poems for constructive feedback here: Wrestling Poetry Workshop–and please read the Read-Me...

Poems that have previously been published elsewhere are acceptable, indeed welcome, as submissions into this project. Furthermore, you can write a fresh poem, even workshop it in Babilu’s Wrestling Poetry Workshop, but get it published elsewhere first, before November that is. ... Any such work that has been published elsewhere first, will be given such credit in a line following the poem’s presentation at Clattery Machinery on Poetry.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

August Poetry Postcard Festival

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Poetry Postcard Project continues in 2009:

Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers invite you to "August Poetry Postcard Fest" on Monday, July 27 at 12:00am.

Event: August Poetry Postcard Fest
"write and send a poem postcard every day in August"
What: Festival
Hosts: Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers
Start Time: Monday, July 27 at 12:00am
End Time: Saturday, August 31

Here's what's involved:

Get yourself at least 31 postcards. These can be found at book stores, thrift shops, online, drug stores, antique shops, museums, gift shops. (You'll be amazed at how quickly you become a postcard addict.)

On or about July 27th, write an original poem right on a postcard and mail it to the person on the list below your name. (If you are at the very bottom, send a card to the name at the top.) And please WRITE LEGIBLY!

Starting on August 1st, ideally in response to a card YOU receive, keep writing a poem a day on a postcard and mailing it to successive folks on the list until you've sent out 31 postcards. Of course you can keep going and send as many as you like but we ask you to commit to at least 31 (a month's worth).

What to write? Something that relates to your sense of "place" however you interpret that, something about how you relate to the postcard image, what you see out the window, what you're reading, using a phrase/topic/or image from a card that you got, a dream you had that morning, or an image from it, etc. Like "real" postcards, get to something of the "here and now" when you write.

Do write original poems for the project. Taking old poems and using them is not what we have in mind. These cards are going to an eager audience of one, so there's no need to agonize. That's what's unique about this experience. Rather than submitting poems for possible rejection, you are sending your words to a ready-made and excited audience awaiting your poems in their mailboxes. Everyone loves getting postcards. And postcards with poems, all the better.

Once you start receiving postcard poems in the mail, you'll be able to respond to the poems and imagery with postcard poems or your own. That will keep your poems fresh and flowing. Be sure to check postage for cards going abroad. The Postcard Graveyard is a very sad place.

That's all there it to it. It's that fun and that easy.

To check out what we've done before, visit the blog [where you'll also see we also have Perennial Poetry Postcard List of folks who try to write a postcard poem at least once a week regardless of receiving in order to keep connections flowing.], Paul Nelson's website or our Facebook group.

To get started, click to register. Once you've registered, you just need to login to see the list of participants.

Flor Del Concreto thanks Tony Iovino for extending this invitation.

Call for Poetry on Chopin

March 2010 marks the 200th anniversary of Frédéric Chopin's birth.


CHOPIN IN POETRY: A Tribute in Verse, Edited by Maja Trochimczyk

CHOPIN IN POETRY: A Tribute in Verse
An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry
Edited by Maja Trochimczyk

Forthcoming in March 2010 to honor the 200th Anniversary of Chopin’s Birth.

Moonrise Press


§ Original poetry about any aspect of music and life of Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849),
Polish pianist and composer

§ Deadline – August 1, 2009

§ Language – English

§ Length – maximum 39 lines per poem, 3 poems

§ Format – email with the poem(s) both in the body of the message and attachment in MS Word or rtf, or to with the poem(s) in the body of the message

§ Address and contact information of the author included in the body of the message


  1. The book will be published by Moonrise Press, with an ISBN number.
  2. The authors will retain individual copyright, granting permission to print in the anthology only.
  3. The book will be distributed by online print-on-demand company and available through a network of partners, including Bowkers Books in Print,, Amazon, etc.
  4. The authors will receive an off-print of their submission, and a 30% discount on the book price.
* * *
Thanks to Creative Writers' Opportunities for this listing.

PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: A Literary Mag For Everyone Posts Updated Guidelines

From: kevin wehle <>;
To: Brain S <>;; kevin wehle <>;
Sent: Friday, July 10, 2009 2:49:52 PM
Subject: Updated Guidelines

PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: A Literary Mag For Everyone

Mission Statement: Life as an artist is hard enough with all the rejection, so submit to our magazine, and promote the arts, and promote the words that make up the soundtrack to your life. Have the chance to have others hear your voice. We want to promote all those great writers that should be in print, and are not. Especially those who Push The Envelope with their writing. We want this to be a way for all of us to come together. We look for edgy, humorous, something with bite, and something that makes the reader think. We also want to publish new and upcoming writers. All works that get published in PTE will be decided by Kevin Michael Wehle and Brian Damian Sabbats.


DISCLAIMER: No one under the age of 18 should view this magazine for it contains adult, and graphic material.

All rights reserved. This magazine, or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form whether print, or electronic, without permission in writing from the publishers and/or authors.

Our Logo: An All Queer Boy Production

We accept: Poems,Short Stories, Songs

An online as well as paper issue

Two page paper issue: One page Kev's picks and one page Brian's picks

No payment for any work. This is for exposure only.


Fiction: No more then two pages. Only one story per submitter in each issue
Poetry: Any form 35 lines max. Submit 2-3 poems per issue
Songs: Submit 2-3 songs per issue


Co-Editors In Chief:
Brian Damian Sabbats
Kevin Michael Wehle

They choose what goes in, and their decisions are final.

First issue: Labor Day

Last page: Thank you and info. page. Page about the books from submitting poets that are being released, poetry reading, features, and publishing info.

We accept previously published poems, and simultaneous submissions.
Will e-mail you in about two weeks with an answer if we will use your work or not.
Any questions please email us.

We wish to invite you to submit your writing to us for consideration for inclusion in our first issue of PTE. We look forward to reading your work and responding to you.

Thank you,

Brian Damian Sabbats & Kevin Michael Wehle

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Request for GLBT poetry/stories for Stonewall Edition of Danse Macabre by July 26

Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2009, 12:40 PM

Dear Friends,

I am forwarding a plea for submissions from Adam Henry Carriere, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of
Danse Macabre, a very fine online publication that I have been proud to grace the pages of in more than one edition.

Please submit your GLBT poetry/stories for consideration for the upcoming Stonewall Edition of
Danse Macabre. He's is especially interested in your poems. The on-line submission form can be found at
and of course please take the time to read the current science fiction themed issue and the archives.

next issue
premieres 1 Aug 2009
submissions deadline 26 Jul 09

Hope your are all enjoying the summer!


--- On Tue, 7/14/09, Adam Henry Carriere wrote:

From: Adam Henry Carriere
Subject: early sos
To: "Roxanne Hoffman"
Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2009, 4:10 AM

Hey Roxy,
The upcoming Stonewall is wobbly in the poetry department - could I ask for a short post on le Flor beckoning to your loyal posse for such? I would be very grateful ;-)
Hope alles guten!

Adam Henry Carrière

éditeur, Danse Macabre

An Online Literary Magazine

le premier magasin littéraire en ligne au Nevada

We're Listed in Duotrope's Digest and Poets & Writers

Visit us on YouTube and at The Book of Faces...

Copyright (c.) 2006 - 2009 by Adam Henry Carrière / Stonesthrow Publishing LLC.

All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Wednesday June 22 at 6:00 p.m.
Pomegranate Gallery
133 Greene St
between Houston & Prince Sts.
(212- 260-4014 /
Subway: B, D, F, V to Broadway Lafayette;
W, R to Prince St; 6 to Bleecker St;
C, E to Spring St; 1 to Houston St.

*FREE Persian Bilingual Poetry Book Launch—Iran, Yesterday & Today:
Mahmood Karimi-Hakak & Bill Wolak, co-translators of Your Lover’s Beloved: 51 Ghazals by Hafez, will read in both Persian & English from the book, as well as from new poems addressing the current stolen election, followed by a Q&A on the whole situation in Iran today. Plus singing of a ghazal with accordion accompaniment by Michela Musolino & Zoe B. Zak. Wine & cheese. Contact: Stan Barkan, publisher 516.868.5635

Thursday June 23 at 12:30 p.m.
The East Meadow Public Library
in collaboration with
Cross-Cultural Communications

Discussion on
Your Lover’s Beloved: 51 Ghazals
by Hafez
Iran Today
with translators
Mahmood Karimi-Hakak and Bill Wolak

On Thursday, July 23 at 12:30 p.m., a discussion of Your Lover’s Beloved, a new publication of works by the 14th Century Iranian poet Hafiz will be presented at the East Meadow Public Library. Mahmood Karimi-Haka and Bill Wolak have translated this latest publication of Hafez’s work and will be at the library to lead the discussion.

Mr. Karimi-Haka is an Iranian educator, playwright, director and actor. He is currently a Professor of Creative Arts at Siena College. Mr. Wolak is a poet and the recipient of several National Endowment for the Humanities grants and two Fulbright-Hayes scholarships. He has been an Adjunct Professor at William Paterson University for over twenty years.

There will be a question and answer session on Iran today and time to speak with the presenters. Copies of the book will be available for purchase. Join us for this timely, exciting, and enlightening program. Refreshments will be served

Stanley H. Barkan, Publisher
Cross-Cultural Communications
239 Wynsum Avenue
Merrick, NY 11566-4725
Tel: 516-868-5635

DANSE MACABRE XXV Symphonie Fantastique is Out!

From: Adam Henry Carriere
Date: Monday, July 6, 2009, 3:48 AM

"A good science fiction story should be able
to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam..."

Frederick Pohl

Celebrating 25 issues...

Danse Macabre XXV

Symphonie Fantastique

le premier magasin littéraire en ligne au Nevada


new poetry & fiction


Karima Alavi * Ian Anderson * Eric Basso

Carl Bibbee * RDM Cerello * SLD Conall

J. de Salvo * Tom Foster * Peter Fox

Melinda Giordano * Jaq Greenspon * Peter Grieco

Rebecca Howe * David Hughes * Kathryn Jacobs

Michael Keith * Brant Lyon * George Moore

Megan Norman * Jenn Marie Nunes * Paula Ray

Aaron Simon * Billy Sledge * Mark Spitzer

Levi Wagenmaker * Fredrick Zydek


danse macabre supplémentaires classique


Jesse F. Bone Pandemic

Edgar Rice Burroughs The Land That Time Forgot

Ellis Parker Butler Solander's Radio Tomb

Jack Douglas Dead World

RA Lafferty Sodom & Gomorrah, Texas

now available for your summer reading pleasures



Adam Henry Carrière

éditeur, Danse Macabre

An Online Literary Magazine

We're Listed in Duotrope's Digest and Poets & Writers

Visit us on YouTube and at The Book of Faces...

Copyright © MMVI-MMIX


Adam Henry Carrière / Stonesthrow Publishing LLC.

All Rights Reserved.

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PWP Announces DETAILED STILL by Karen Neuberg

DETAILED STILL by Karen Neuberg (PWP, 2009)
by Karen Neuberg
ISBN 978-0-9817678-6-4
(soft cover/18 pp.)
$8.00 (+ $1.50 S&H)
July 2009

"A trigonometry of sensation, a performance of hands” leads the reader through this sweeping, elegiac sequence of poems. And like Muybridge’s freeze-frames, this sequence slows the locomotion of regret and awe, allowing the reader to become witness to the mechanism of remembrance. These poems seem not written, but conjured, as if imprinted by a mind alive to the “tiny, Zen-bell voice,” insisting that questions reveal more than answers.
—DEAN KOSTOS, The Sentence That Ends with a Comma, and Last Supper of the Sense

Karen Neuberg’s marvelous accomplishment in DETAILED STILL is that each poem is like a tiny mirrored room that reflects and refracts experience, evoking all the complications of memory and desire. Her gift is to find the connection between feeling and thought; each poem takes place in a synapse between brain and body, curiously both abstract and concrete simultaneously. Time is this poet’s subject, and how desire is quickened or lost over time, and how we understand that only through memory. What a welcome debut this is for our American poetry.
—MOLLY PEACOCK, The Second Blush (WW Norton, 2008)

Karen Neuberg (Credit: Alan Neuberg)Photo Credit: Alan Neuberg
Karen Neuberg’s poems have appeared in several journals and anthologies including Barrow Street, 42Opus, Boxcar Poetry Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Louisville Review, Stirring, and Riverine, An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers (Codhill Press). A Pushcart and Best of the Net Nominee, she holds an MFA from the New School and is an associate editor for Inertia Magazine. She lives with her husband in Brooklyn, NY and West Hurley, NY.

You can preview this book on at:

For More Information on How to Order this Book, Please visit Our Press Site: