Monday, July 27, 2009

THE LINEUP Seeks Poems on Crime by July 31

Issue 3 Release Date: April 2010

What We're Looking For

The Lineup: Poems on Crime is an annual print journal (6x9 inches, 1-inch margins all around). There are limits of 3 accepted poems per person and 50 lines per poem.

Any poetic form considered, including free verse. In terms of tone, we are not looking to sensationalize or glorify crime. We want poets' honest, powerful reactions to what they see as crime. Gratuitous anything is discouraged.

We do accept and acknowledge previously published poems provided you own the reprint rights. All rights revert to the authors upon publication.

All contributors receive a free copy of the book.

Submitting Your Work

You may send up to 5 poems, 50 lines max per poem, preferably as plain text in the body of an e-mail. (RTF attachments are acceptable if your poem's layout cannot be reproduced in plain text.)

E-mail Gerald (g_so AT yahoo DOT com) with a subject line including "Lineup Submission".

Include your street address and e-mail address in the body of the message and on the first page of any attached files. Indicate whether your poems are new or previously published. If previously published, provide as much detail as possible about where and when poems first appeared (e.g. title of publication, volume or issue number, year of publication). No simultaneous submissions.

Submission Periods

General: June 15 - July 31, 2009. Both solicited and unsolicited submissions considered.

Invitation Only: September 1 - October 31, 2009. Only invited submissions considered. Do not submit during this period unless invited by one of the editors.

Selection Process

All proper submissions are distributed and scored 1-5, with the editors abstaining from scoring any poems of their own. The poems with the highest average scores are accepted for publication.


If you have submitted properly, you will be notified of your work's status by November 20, 2009. Any submission that does not follow the guidelines may be rejected without notification.

Editors: Gerald So, Sarah Cortez, R. Narvaez, Anthony Rainone

Reprinted from Special thanks to Richie Narvaez for his Facebook message.

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