Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Submissions welcome by August 15: Orbis 148: Special NW/NY Issue

August 1 at 2:57pm

Orbis 148: Special NW/NY Issue (so good, they named it twice. Almost.)

Where will your imagination take you – The North West Passage? North West Frontier? North-North-West?

Well, don’t get too carried away because what we’re after is:
the North West of England. And New York, of course.

Maximum 40 lines, preferably 4 by post with SAE. Or 2 via email: carolebaldock [at] hotmail [dot] com

(Original deadline was July 31 so apologies for any sense of déjà vu, or rather: toute oublié - with having to produce the next issue of Kudos as well this month (and only 24 hours in the day), suddenly thought on, best to get that done first.)

If you could post/pass this on to interested parties via your emailing list, and ask them to pass it on, very much appreciated.

Also, if possible to exchange/update/add links: new website: www.kudoswritingcompetitions.com

Carole Baldock, Publisher/Editor
Orbis International Literary Journal:
84 pages of news, reviews, views, letters, features, prose and quite a lot of poetry.

* * *

Besides poems - and occasionally upbeat doesn’t come amiss, Orbis welcomes prose, 500 to 1000 words, suggestions for cover artwork and features, eg the Past Master Section, or indeed, Past Mistress. 500 to 1000 words; ideas in first instance, not completed articles: subjects for discussion, technical, topical etc:

‘ No wonder poetry sales are so small when little respect is shown to the reader, with editors encouraging people who are exponents of their own vanity’.

Submissions by post: four poems; two prose pieces, 500 to1000 words
Please enclose SAE with ALL correspondence. Overseas: 2 IRCs; 3 if work is to be returned

Via email, Overseas only: two poems or one piece of prose in body. No attachments: carolebaldock@hotmail.com

Please note, although priority and hopefully a swift response is given to first time enquiries, subsequently, replies can take a lot longer due to the volume of mail, and email.

Subscribers usually receive an answer re submissions in 3 months at the latest, ie with the following issue of the magazine.

When work is returned with an invite for further submissions, please do not interpret ‘in due course’ as by return of post. (And with email, it does not mean send more within the next half hour either.)

If work is already being held on file, further submissions cannot be considered.

After publication, contributors are requested to wait about 12 months before sending more poems.

Subs: cheques payable to Carole Baldock; post to

17 Greenhow Avenue, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 5EL

* * *

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