Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Balkan Anthology seeks Haiku on War, Human Rights Violation and Discrimination

Spring evening.
The wheel of a troop carrier
crushes a lizard.
DIMITAR ANAKIEV, an independent filmmaker, was born in Belgrade in 1960. He is also a well-known haiku poet, a co-founder of World Haiku Association. His most cited haiku, written during the Yugoslav wars, 1992.

Dimitar Anakiev seeks haiku (preferably with English translation) for the Balkan haiku anthology on the topic of war, violations of human rights and discrimination:


Edited by: Dimitar Anakiev

Please email your submissions in the body of the email to Dimitar Anakiev at mao1935@live.com To avoid landing in the the spam folder please include the word "anthology" in the subject line.

Dimitar Anakiev

Special thanks to Tatjana Debeljački for forwarding this submission call.

Monday, April 27, 2009

QUALE PRESS offers new eBook by Bob Heman

Demographics, or, The Hats They Are Allowed to Wear by Bob Heman
Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:06 AM

Subject: the first full length collection of my prose poems is now available as a free download

Hi Folks - this is just to let you all know that the first full-length collection of my prose poems, titled Demographics, or, The Hats They Are Allowed to Wear, has just been published by Gian Lombardo's Quale Press - it's available as a free downloadable e-book that you can read on line or print off or download onto your hard drive - just follow the link to http://www.quale.com/Demographics_BH.html
i hope you enjoy it - feel free to pass the word

and in case you missed it Quale also did a smaller collection of mine in 2007 which you can find at the end of this link: http://www.quale.com/How_BH.html

be well

- Bob

Bob Heman


Demographics, or, The Hats They Are Allowed to Wear by Bob Heman
Demographics, or, The Hats They Are Allowed to Wear
by Bob Heman

eBook, Free
Publication Date: April 2009
5 x 7 inches, 112 pages
New from Quale Press

When is a door a door that is not a door? When is a door a door that is a door that is not a door? From a distance, Bob Heman’s prose poems in Demographics, or, The Hats They Are Allowed to Wear appear to be neat containers for singular thoughts, descriptions of objects or ideas. Strung together, these containers form a narrative, an allegory, perhaps, of men and forest and animals and ocean and stones, of the beginning or the end of time. In “Containers,” Heman writes, “The container contains what it contains.” This is more than a simple tautology — it is a clue, an urging, for the reader to take a closer look. Within Heman’s taut containers, surfaces start out straightforward, then refract; the natural order of perception subtly shifts. “The cars are placed where the roads are drawn,” “There were wings there waiting for a new animal to hold them down” — these are fervent synecdoches, where the replacement of part for whole disrupts established hierarchies. The guides supersede that which they’re guiding.

Rather than using language to create a new world, Heman uses language as a mirror held up to itself. Thus, the known world reveals itself anew. Like the best poetry, Heman’s masterful prose poems allow us to re-see the familiar. Whether revealing that “Each man has his own animal inside,” or suggesting that a buoy is “What the boat is,” Heman consistently shows us, in his own words, “The same room always different.”

© Quale Press LLC, 2009.

Reprinted from http://www.quale.com/Demographics_BH.html

PERSEPHONOUS BLUE Seeks Submissions by June 30, 2009

Persephonous Blue is a new literary publication that features confessional poetry and inspired short fiction. Inspired by the myth of Persephone, the Greek goddess of the underworld - a woman bound to darkness a third of her life. Persephonous Blue is raw, frank, and honest.

Persephonous Blue
is about madness, darkness, revitalization, redemption. It is a literary publication for "she/he who destroys the light."

Persephonous Blue loves Allen Ginsberg, Riot Grrl, Liz Phair, Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrisette, Dylan Thomas, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, Anne Sexton, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, and Morrissey.

Persephonous Blue is edgy, passionate, ugly, beautiful, intense, at-your-throat, and heart-on-your-sleeve.

Persephonous Blue Quarterly
Currently Seeking Submissions

We are currently seeking submissions for our first volume. Previously published work is fine but please let us know where the piece has appeared. Ditto simultaneous submissions.

Deadline: June 30, 2009

Please send 3-5 poems or 2,000 words of fiction to:
Or snail mail (with SASE) to:
Persephonous Blue
c/o Tangled Up In Blue Productions
629 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Reprinted from http://www.janicebrabaw.com/Persephonous-Blue.html

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New from Terrace Books: MY DIVA

Coming in May from UW Press...

“These deeply personal, campy, and insightful essays illuminate the eternal bond between gay men and their fabulous diva icons.”—Michael Musto

65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them
Edited by Michael Montlack

Publication Date: May 7, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-299-23120-0, Cloth, $24.95, 320 pages
Terrace Books: A trade imprint of the University of Wisconsin Press

“I’m living for this book—What a thrill! Even if I wasn't one of the Divas myself I would be curling up with this tome and letting the multiple muses enthrall me. These women are lifelines to creativity, self-actualization and freedom of spirit. Uh-Mazing! ”—Justin Bond (a.k.a. Kiki Durane)

From Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Midler, and Diana Ross to Queen Elizabeth I, Julia Child, and Princess Leia, these divas have been sister, alter ego, fairy godmother, or model for survival to gay men and the closeted boys they once were. And anyone—straight or gay, young or old, male or female—who ever needed a muse, or found one, will see their own longing mirrored here as well.

These witty and poignant short essays explore reasons for diva-worship as diverse as the writers themselves. My Diva offers both depth and glamour as it pays tribute with joy, intelligence, and fierce, fierce love.

“Inspiration is contagious—and inspiration, excitement, and appreciation resonate through these essays. This is a story about how in the worst of times, there are the best of women—women in whom we find our courage and sometimes our heartbroken tenderness. My Diva is an act of love, well deserved and without reservation. Read it in the spirit in which it was made—this act of adoration, awe, and yes, love.”—Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina

Michael Montlack

Editor Michael Montlack splits his time between New York City, where he is professor of English at Berkeley College, and San Francisco. He has published two chapbooks of poetry, Girls, Girls, Girls and Cover Charge. This book was inspired by his love for Stevie Nicks.


65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them
Edited by Michael Montlack

Publication Date: May 7, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-299-23120-0, Cloth, $24.95, 320 pages

Terrace Books Terrace Books – A Trade Imprint of the University of Wisconsin Press

“A completely fascinating and lovely book. In every case the diva is a kind of saint—for her suffering, for the emotional warble in her voice, as she sang, as she spoke those classic lines. It’s hard to miss the dovetailing of the gay male writer’s psyche and the voluptuous (much more than her body) voice of the diva. She shines her light on the way. Man, does she ever.”—Eileen Myles, author of Sorry, Tree


D. A. Powell on Eartha Kitt
Joseph Campana on Audrey Hepburn
Rigoberto González on Rocío Dúrcal
Michael Klein on Laura Nyro
Lloyd Schwartz on Gracie Allen
David Bergman on Lotta Lenya
Edward Field on Gloria Swanson
Kenji Oshima on Margaret Cho
Michael J. Andrews on Parker Posey
Brian Teare on Virginia Woolf
Forrest Hamer on Mahalia Jackson
Alfred Corn on Billie Holiday
Mark Doty on Grace Paley
Patrick Letellier on Queen Elizabeth I
Walter Holland on Marlene Dietrich
Michael Broder on Sappho
Michael Schiavi on Karen Black
Guillermo Castro on Evita
Peron Wayne Koestenbaum on Anna Moffo
Richard Blanco on Endora
Jonathan Howle on Patti LuPone
Regie Cabico on Nina Simone
Timothy Liu on Rickie Lee Jones
Lewis DeSimone on Auntie Mame
Christopher Murray on Margaret Dumont
Bill Fogle on Julia Child
Jason Schneiderman on Liza Minnelli
John Dimes on Björk
Christopher Lee Nutter on Sade
Jeff Oaks on Wonder Woman
David Trinidad on Joan Crawford versus Bette Davis . . .


Dear Friends;

Please join me in celebrating the publication of MY DIVA at one or both of the NYC DIVA EVENTS.

AND look for the piece on it in TIME OUT NEW YORK THIS WEEK!


Barnes & Noble. 82nd &
Broadway. 2289 Broadway.
With Michael Klein, Walter Holland, Jason Schneiderman
& Michael Montlack.

MAY 13 (Wed) 6pm - 9pm. RECEPTION & READING.
Out Professionals My Diva Event.
At the LGBT Center: 208 West 13th Street. (West Village).
With Mark Wunderlich, Tim Liu, Michael Broder,
Richard Tayson, Steven Cordova & Michael Montlack.

Thanks and hope to see you,


PS Doing events in Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, San Francisco, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, DC, Portland, Atlanta, and more soon (if you're not in NYC).

THE BEST OF STAIN Volume I Released 4/20/2009


In the fall of 2008, Janice Brabaw created the music and literary series Stained Glass Confessional in Brooklyn, New York. After nearly forty performers and features in Time Out, New York, The Greenline, The Brooklyn Eagle, AMNY, and The NY Daily News, Janice is proud to announce the release of the chapbook anthology, The Best of Stain, Volume One.

THE BEST OF STAIN, Volume I, Winter 08 - 09 (released on 4/20/2009), a chapbook anthology celebrating April is National Poetry Month, features many of the writers and performers from Janice Brabaw's An Echo, A Stain and Stained Glass Confessional performance & reading series at Stain Bar including Swapan Basu, Janice Brabaw, Patricia Carragon, Mike Fiorito, Roxanne Hoffman, Valerie Jupe, Laurel Kallen, Nina Karacosta, James Kass, Frank Kelly, Jee Leong Koh, Harry Bentivenga Lichtenstein, Nick Loss-Eaton (a.k.a. Leland Sundries), Jason Madison, Puma Perl, James Skidmore, Carrie VanDenburg, Darcie VanHamlin, and Joe Yoga. Edited by Janice Brabaw with an introduction by James Kass, Host of Stained Glass Confessional.

Available NOW through Paypal for $7 (includes shipping), or purchase for $5 at Stain Bar, 766 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

To order and find out more about her music & literary series visit Ms. Brabaw's website at http://www.janicebrabaw.com/

Friday, April 24, 2009


APRIL 1, 2009 until JULY 1, 2009

Conclave: A Journal of Character is looking for character-driven writing and photography.

Conclave is an annual print journal that focuses on character-driven writing in short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and prose poems. Conclave also includes black and white photographs and excerpts from plays: monologues, scenes, single acts, or one-act plays.

This year Conclave is also awarding the 2009 Conclave Character Prizes in Fiction, Poetry, and Photography. All submissions will be accepted April 1 through July 1, 2009.

For more information, see online submission guidelines at www.conclavejournal.com

We're also on Twitter:
http://twitter. com/conclavejour nal

I hope to see some of your writing!
Thank you.

Valya Dudycz Lupescu, Editor
Conclave: A Journal of Character

CONCLAVE: A Journal of Character

Conclave is an annual print journal that focuses on character-driven writing in short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and prose poems; we also print black and white photographs, and excerpts from plays: monologues, scenes, single acts, or one-act plays.

Conclave seeks writing that centers around well-crafted characters—complex and authentic: like Leopold Bloom, Huckleberry Finn, Anna Karenina, Hamlet, Miss Havisham, Hannibal Lecter, Hester Prynne, and others. Whether you love them or hate them, these characters are unforgettable and infuse their stories with life beyond the page. Those are the kinds of enduring characters we'd like to have populate the artfully crafted stories in Conclave.

What makes a good character?

THE 2009

  • All submissions must be online submissions. We do not accept submissions by post or email.
  • Submissions should be previously unpublished in North America. We do not accept previously published work, this includes work published online.
  • Cover letters are welcome but not required.
  • Conclave does not usually consider simultaneous submissions.
  • You can now check the status of your submission on our online submission manager. We are unable to offer comments or suggestions on manuscripts.
  • If a submission is known to be included in a book already accepted by a publisher, please notify us of this fact (and of the anticipated date of book publication) in a cover letter/email.
  • International submissions are encouraged, but all submissions must be in English.
  • We cannot return submissions--we delete them! So we encourage you to save a copy of whatever you are submitting to us.

At this time we can offer one contributor's copy per author for accepted work. We hope that will change in the future. We reserve the right to put your piece on our web site d/or publish it electronically if it has appeared in our journal. If we accept your work, we understand you grant us first North American serial rights (and Conclave anthology rights). All subsequent rights are yours, though we expect any future publication to carry acknowledgment that the work first appeared in Conclave.

  • Fiction should be up to 6,500 words, double spaced with numbered pages and one-inch margins.
  • For short fiction, please submit only one short story at a time.
  • Excerpts from unpublished novels will be considered, but they must be able to stand alone.
  • Please include name and contact information at the beginning of the work.
  • For flash fiction submissions: Please send three to five short-shorts, each less than 1000 words.
  • Understand the flash form: flashes should still contain classic story elements: protagonist, conflict, and resolution. However the limited word length dictates that some elements will remain unwritten or implied in the written story. The most famous example is Ernest Hemingway's six-word flash, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."
  • A few tips for flash fiction submissions

  • All submissions should be double-spaced and also up to 6,500 words.
  • Personal essays should be 750-1200 words
  • Excerpts from unpublished book-length nonfiction manuscripts will be considered, but they must be able to stand alone.
  • There is no restriction on topic, but the creative nonfiction must focus around a person or group or people (refer to the works or Gay Talese, Annie Dillard, Joyce Carol Oats, or Truman Capote).

  • Poetry should be single-spaced and include three to five poems per submission, up to ten manuscript pages at a time.
  • The poet's name and contact information must appear at the top of every poem.
  • We certainly welcome the informal narratives that currently seem to dominate North American poetry, however we are also interested in formal poetry that is character-driven.
  • We will also consider English translations of poetry, if a brief biography of the poet is included.
  • For prose poems, please send three to five prose poems, each less than 1000 words.
  • Understand the prose poem form: the prose poem appears as prose, but reads like poetry. In the first issue of The Prose Poem: An International Journal, editor Peter Johnson explained, "Just as black humor straddles the fine line between comedy and tragedy, so the prose poem plants one foot in prose, the other in poetry, both heels resting precariously on banana peels."
  • Short one act plays, short scripts or dramatic monologues up to 12 minutes performing time -- no longer than 3,500 words.
  • Please submit only one longer dramatic excerpt or three monologues at a time.

What are we looking for in a photograph?

  • Submissions should include approximately 3 to 5 high-quality JPEGs of 300 dpi, 5" x 7".
  • Because the interior of the magazine is printed in black and white, only black and white submissions may be included.
  • Outstanding color submissions as well as black and white submissions will be considered for the front cover.
  • Submissions to be considered only for the cover should be marked "Cover Only" in the comments section.

For 2009, we will select one non-news picture story or photo essay on a single theme.
  • The story is limited to 8-10 photographs, and must be in black and white with a character-focus.
  • We will accept submissions through our online submissions manager, as well as through our flickr site.
  • More information will be posted closer to the opening of our submission period.

In our 2009 Issue, we will also welcome work from writers and photographers working with both image and text to tell a character-focused story.
More information will be posted closer to the opening of our submission period

Reprinted from http://www.conclavejournal.com/submissions/submissions.html.

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MUNGBEING: "Community" Theme - Deadline May 16

Issue #25: Love - It fills our thoughts and hearts, occupies our minds and bodies, and spills out between these pages.

MungBeing Cover of Issue #25: Liz Parkinson's Couple with the Golden PillowMungBeing
Cover of Issue #25
"Couple with the Golden Pillow"
by Liz Parkinson

Featuring the lovely works of Anna Dickie, David Erlewine, and Roberta Lawson, new artwork from Stefan Mosebach, Sarah Bereza, and Wayne Wolfson, music from Chris Brokaw, Peg Simone, Ashley Reaks, and June Bisantz, love poems by Davy King, Martin Maudal, Michelle Reale, Elody Samuelson, and Caroline Whitehead, and recipes, advice, musings, and a special guest appearance in the comics section. So much love!

Mark Givens, Editor-In-Chief
Jody Franklin, Editor
Humonenergy, Inc., Programmer
Pencil Tenet, Inc. in association with Eschaton Media, Publisher
MungBeing Magazine

* * *
Guidelines and Deadlines
by MungBeing Magazine


THEME: Community
DEADLINE: May 16, 2009
RELEASE DATE: June 7, 2009

If you would like to contribute to MungBeing, we would like to discuss it with you.

Writing: Please stick your pitches and queries in the message box at the bottom of your screen (http://www.mungbeing.com/issue_25.html?page=85&send_feedback=1843#c_1843). And let us know where and how we might be able to view some examples of your work. We are open to publishing all manner of creative literature, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as poetry.

Visual Art: We accept submissions of paintings, illustrations, collage works, comics and photography. Forward us a link to any web galleries you may have, or, if you do not have a site, send us one .jpg or .gif file sample of your work.

Music/Audio Art: If you would like to submit audio works, please direct our submission review board to a site on the Internet where samples of the audio works may be heard. Do not send files as attachments to emails unless we specifically request you to do so.

Recipes: Recipes must be original and tested.

All submissions will be formatted to fit the MungBeing framework. It is therefore unnecessary to submit work using extensive HTML. Simple tags may be used sparingly and only on a full stomach. Photos and artwork may be resized to fit the MungBeing page. Opinions will be shaped, cream will be whipped, and all the mice will regale us with coffee. Adherence to the target issue's theme is encouraged. Check the "Guidelines and Deadlines" section of the current issue to see what the upcoming theme will be.

MungBeing Magazine is published under a Creative Commons license and rights are retained by the contributors. MungBeing is being distributed online as a website, as an RSS feed, and as an Atom feed. If other technologies pop up along the way, we'll whack 'em on the head. And we'll be exploring different media for offline versions in the future.

Reprinted from http://www.mungbeing.com/issue_25.html?page=85#1843.

FU@K POETRY: Accepting Submissions

Mar 31, 2009 12:32 PM
Subject: Fu@k Poetry: accepting submissions

For more information visit http://crisisblog.crisischronicles.com/2009/03/31/fuk-poetry-accepting-submissions.aspx

Peace and poetry,

John Burroughs AKA Jesus Crisis

* * *

Fu@k Poetry is a new periodical coming soon from Crisis Chronicles Press--and we're still accepting submissions. Folks have asked me what the guidelines are and there aren't any. As you can imagine, "Fu@k Poetry" can be taken a number of different ways--and I don't want every potential contributor to see it exactly as I do. Could be a paean to free speech... could be something you might not feel comfortable reading at Borders... might even be something some folks prefer to Charmin in the bathroom.... Anyway, we've got some excellent work by some excellent poets in issue one, and I'm still seeking a couple of pieces to finish out that volume. I won't attempt to describe what I'm looking for--not sure I could, anyway--but I'll know it when I see it. At the same time I'm also accepting work for issue two. Your submissions don't have to be poetry--could be art, a prose rant or anything else--though I might prefer it to be poetic. Send anything you like to jc at crisischronicles dot com. If your work is accepted, you will receive as payment one free copy of Fu@k Poetry per work (e.g. if we include two poems and one drawing by you, you'll receive three free copies). Included poets and artists retain all pre-and-post-publication rights to their work and grant me permission to publish it on this Crisis Chronicles website at some point. I don't mind if your work's already been published elsewhere--though I will make sure there is a healthy portion of never before seen work in each issue.

Meanwhile... because I've got a whole lot of excellent Cleveland poetry on video but have fallen dreadfully behind on editing and posting it, I've decided to make catching up on that as much as possible my priority this week. In the past few days I've added videos of three excellent poems to the Crisis Chronicles Online Library: "Drunken Walk Home" (by Steve Goldberg), "The Rabbit" (by Christopher Franke), and "The Last" (by T.M. Göttl). Many more are coming soon. Then next week I intend to return to Fu@k Poetry and finish up issue one, which I'm determined to have out by the end of April. Subsequent issues will be published either quarterly or semi-annually, as whim dictates and available time allows.

I'm very excited about this project! Thanks to everyone who's submitted so far - and everyone who's about to submit.

Peace and Poetry,
John Burroughs
(aka Jesus Crisis)

Reprinted from http://crisisblog.crisischronicles.com/2009/03/31/fuk-poetry-accepting-submissions.aspx.

THE POETRY WARRIOR Issue 4 & Open Til May 22 for Poetry

The Poetry Warrior
Apr 3, 2009 5:07 PM
Subject: The Poetry Warrior Issue 4!

Dear Readers/Poets,

I want to thank you all for your continued support of The Poetry Warrior and for submitting us your work! I feel honored each and every time a poet feels that our magazine is worth sending their work to.

I want to let everyone know that although a few days late, The Poetry Warrior issue four is now up and kicking! Featuring the work of the indomitable Doug Baldwin, this issue isn't one to miss! With a total of 21 incredible poets, this issue has been a blast to assemble. You can find it at our website, www.thepoetrywarrior.com along with our acclaimed past three issues featuring the talents of Karl Koweski, Antony Hitchin, and The (one and only) Fug. Showcasing work from some of the underground's finest writers, The Poetry Warrior is a magazine you'll want to bookmark.

Note for Poets: Our submissions are currently OPEN until MAY 22nd. If you have already submitted work, we have received it and will be reviewing it shortly to be considered for Issue 5. We have had amassive amount of quality submissions come in for this issue and we apologize for any delay/inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you all again, and best of luck with your publications!

Abigail Beaudelle,
The Poetry Warrior

Submission Guidelines

Poetry Submissions

All Poetry submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:

* All submissions are to be submitted electronically,via e-mail. Submissions should be sent to the Poetry Editor at thepoetrywarrior@gmail.com. Submissions may be submitted in the body text of the e-mail, or as an attachment. All attachments must be compatiblewith WordPerfect 12, or Microsoft wordpad (NOT Microsoft Word/Office). Please submit ALL poems within a single email.

* Submissions must have the words 'poetry submission' in the subject or else they will be regarded as spam. Poetry may be on any range of topics, and follow any form. There is no limit for length. However, if it is too short, it may not interest us. Too long, it may not hold our attention long enough. Moderation is key here. All submissions must be your original work. Please submit between 2-5 poems at a time.

* We are looking for poems that exhibit strong sentiment, a fresh perspective, are lyrically sound,create strong imagery, and present readers with a strong sense of voice. Poetry can be modeled after a certain movement, or follow the artist's own direction.

* We are NOT looking for overly 'emotional' poems, poems based on trite or cliched topics, poems that exhibit platitudinous sentiments, poems that exhibit a tenuous grasp of basic literary devices, or plagiarized poems.

* We accept unsolicited poems and we are also interested in publishing poetry by talented teens and young adults.

* We will accept simultaneous submissions, however we ask that you let us know of these conditions, and that you notify us if the poem has been accepted elsewhere, as soon as you find out.

* Please allow up to 2 to 4 weeks for a response.

* We reserve the right to edit any submitted poem for spelling errors. (don't worry, we're poets too, and we're not out to butcher your poems. We'll make sure to contact you first if we find the need to make any major changes.) Note: be sure to inform us of any stylistic or intentional misspellings when submitting. Copyright will revert to the author upon publication.

* We reserve the right to refuse to publish any poem, for any reason that we find. We are not required to publish your poem, and our decision is final - arguing will not help your chances of being published in the future. The poet will not be paid for any published poem - this is an independent zine, and we are very poor.

* If your work is accepted, you may be asked to write a short paragraph 'about the poet', or to participate in a non-mandatory interview.

* Your e-mail and information will NOT be given out, under any circumstances

Flash Fiction and Prose

The Poetry Warrior accepts submissions for flash fiction/nonfiction pieces.

Prose pieces must be under 1000 words to be considered for publication. We are open to considering genre-defying or experimental pieces.

* We will accept simultaneous submissions, however we ask that you let us know of these conditions, and that you notify us if the piece has been accepted elsewhere, as soon as you find out.

* Please allow up to 2 to 4 weeks for a response.

* We reserve the right to edit any submitted work for spelling errors. (don't worry, we're writers too, and we're not out to butcher your poems. We'll make sure to contact you first if we find the need to make any major changes.) Note: be sure to inform us of any stylistic or intentional misspellings when submitting.

Copyright will revert to the author upon publication.

* We reserve the right to refuse to publish any piece, for any reason that we find. We are not required to publish your work, and our decision is final - arguing will not help your chances of being published in the future. The author will not be paid for any published poem - this is an independent zine, and we are very poor.

* If your work is accepted, you may be asked to write a short paragraph 'about the author', or to participate in a non-mandatory interview.

Please only submit up to THREE (3) flash prose pieces per submission period.

All submissions are to be submitted electronically, via e-mail. Submissions should be sent to the thepoetrywarrior@gmail.com. Submissions may be submitted in the body text of the e-mail, or as an attachment. All attachments must be compatible with WordPerfect 12, or Microsoft wordpad (NOT Microsoft Word/Office). Please submit ALL within a single email.

Photography and Art Submissions

The Poetry Warrior also accepts photographs and original artwork in any range of visual media. Try us*.

Send all submissions electronically to thepoetrywarrior@gmail.com. Files should be sent as attachments, and be saved as a .png file. Title of email should include the words 'photo submission'. Subject matter is left to the artist, but it must hold with the theme and spirit of the zine. No portraits are allowed unless you have secured the subject's permission to take and distribute the photograph.

Please submit no less than 6 pieces at a time, and no more than 12.

Only original photographs will be accepted. Only minimally doctored or photo-manipulated images will be accepted.

If your work is accepted, you may be asked to write a short 'about the artist' paragraph, or to participate in a non-mandatory interview.

You will not be paid for any submissions - this is an independent zine, and we are very poor.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for response. Copyright reverts to photographer or artist upon publication.

We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason we see fit. Graphic or 'hardcore' obscenity/pornography will not be accepted.

* We do not have the capability (read: we have no earthly idea how) to publish video feed at this time. Check back for updates on this. Thanks.

INSCRIBED: New Releases & Submission Call

Inscribed ~ New Releases!

Mon Apr 6, 2009 10:43 am (PDT)

Inscribed ~ A Magazine For Writers is happy to announce the launch of Volume Four Issue four & of Ulterior: Alternative News Volume Two Issue Four.

Inscribed ~ A Magazine For Writers was featured at a local multi-cultural festival by our web designers Synaptik Professional Solutions. The magazine generated great interest, and Suzan Mandla's cover was received with rave reviews!

Download the new issues at www.inscribed. org

The next deadline for submissions is April 25th, 2009. For full details check the submission guidelines at www.inscribed.org

To automatically receive your copy of any of Inscribed's magazines when they are released, add them as a podcast through iTunes! All of Inscribed's publications are searchable through iTunes.

If you are a Facebooker, you can also find Inscribed's publication related groups. Many of our contributors are a part of the Inscribed ~ A Magazine For Writers' Facebook group, which gives our readers a chance to get in touch with our authors.

All the best ,

Kyle Richtig
www.inscribed. org

Contributors! To claim your contributor copies, be sure to send an email to contributors@ inscribed.org with your preferred shipping address and the title of your work and in which issue it appears. Also, keep your Inscribed profile updated! It's a great way to market yourself. Your profile can list a biography of up to 5 or 6 hundred words, a photo of yourself, or something else you want to appear on your profile page, contact info and a website link. Send your profile updates whenever you want to contributors@inscribed.org with "Profile Update" in the subject line.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SKETCHBOOK Accepting Submissions

Sketchbook is Accepting Submissions
for the Next Issue: 2bsub

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 10:18 AM

Hello Poet,

Sketchbook is currently seeking haiku, tanka, rengay, renga, haiga, sijo and other eastern / or western genre including cinquain, free verse, tetractys, fibonacci, etc. for the March / April 30, 2009 issue. Submissions are open to the general public. Send the submission in the body of an e-mail. Haiga must be sent as attachments.

Send to: submissionseditor@poetrywriting.org
Subject: Submission + Genre(s) + Author Name
Deadline: April 20, 2009 : Midnight

The current Sketchbook issue is on-line. Thank you for participating in Sketchbook activities.


The Sketchbook Editors

Karina Klesko and John Daleiden


SOUS RATURE Open for Submissions

Reading period is open for 3ssue. Photos, art, images, poems, prose, slip-shod genre busters, trans-genre, ...

Send as attachment to Cara Benson at cbenson67[at] yahoo[dot] com. Oh, no prev pub please.

Say something friendly and unspamlike in the subject line.


MET 11, Spring 2009 & Call for Summer 2009

MET 11, Spring 2009, has been published in print and digital editions. The print edition and the PDF ebook are on sale now. The HTML version is posted online at www.modernenglishtanka.com. This new issue includes 65 poets and is very full with wonderful new tanka, articles, and reviews. Check it out now!

Call for Submissions
Modern English Tanka
Issue Vol. 3, No. 4. Summer 2009

You are invited to submit tanka for the Summer 2009 issue of Modern English Tanka. The submission deadline is May 15, 2009. Submissions will NOT close earlier than the deadline.

Modern English Tanka is a quarterly journal—a print literary journal, a PDF ebook, and a digital online magazine—dedicated to publishing and promoting fine English tanka (including tanka written in cinquain and cinqku set forms). We are interested in both traditional and innovative verse of high quality and in all serious attempts to assimilate the best of the Japanese waka/tanka genres into a continuously developing English short verse tradition. In addition to verse, we publish articles, essays, book notes & reviews, interviews, letters to the editor, etc., related to tanka.

MET specializes in single tanka but tanka in sets and sequences will be considered as well. Collaborative tanka sequences are generally not wanted but may be considered. The five-line criterion is generally definitive for tanka. MET will consider variant forms on an individual basis (like everything else!). Serious poetry and adult themes are appreciated. Doggerel and anything that is pornographic or in any way nasty, hateful, bigoted, or partisan political, will not be accepted. All such judgments will be made at the sole discretion of the editor.

Previously unpublished work, not on offer elsewhere, is solicited.

Modern English Tanka, Baltimore, Maryland USA. Website: www.modernenglishtanka.com
Editor: Denis M. Garrison. Contributing Editor: Michael McClintock. Email up to 40 tanka, or email articles, reviews, essays, letters to the editor, etc., to the Editor at SUBMISSIONS at MODERNENGLISHTANKA dot COM. Before submitting, please read the detailed submission guidelines on the website at http://www.modernenglishtankapress.com/metsubmit.html. Modern English Tanka looks for top quality tanka in natural, modern English idiom. No payment for publication. No contributor copies. Publishes a print edition (6" x 9" trade paperback) plus a PDF ebook and an online HTML digital edition.

Thank you for sharing this call widely.

Editors, Modern English Tanka

THE TAYLOR TRUST Now Reading for Summer, Fall & Winter Issues

The Taylor Trust: Poetry & Prose, a new print publication with an online support component, is now reading for the summer, fall, and winter issues.

Guidelines available via www.thetaylortrust.wordpress.com

LaVonne Taylor

* * *



Prose: We will consider for publication all subject matter, except excessive profanity or blatantly pornographic material (the determination of which will be made at the discretion of the editorial staff). Word count for fiction or essays can run as long as 2,000 words or be as short as 100 words (“flash fiction”) as long as the story is well written, makes sense, and contains a denouement.

Poetry: All styles considered. All subject matter will be taken under consideration for publication except that containing excessive profanity or pornography (the determination of which will be made at the discretion of the editorial staff).

Spring 2009 issue – January 31
Summer 2009 issue – April 30
Fall 2009 issue – July 31
Winter 2009 issue – October 31

You will find a template attached to this document. Each time you are preparing to submit a manuscript to the lead editors, copy and paste at the beginning of your document, then fill in the information specific to each manuscript you submit. Keep this template on your desktop for use with each and every manuscript you work on.


Important: All manuscripts must be typed, hand-written submissions will not be considered for publication.

Font: Time New Roman

Point Size: 12

Line Spacing: Double

Line Length: 6 inches

Margins: Left 1 inch Right 1 1/2 inches Top 1 inch Bottom 1 inch

Heads, Subheads, Decks, Breakheads And Run-In Heads (if there are any):
Boldface for easier readability.

Paragraph Indents: Always 1/8 inch on ruler at the top of the document; use the “first line indent” feature rather than a tab or space bar.

Charts & Tables: Always turn off tabs and indents within a chart or table.

Style Manual: Chicago Manual of Style (CMS).

Dictionary: Merriam-Webster Collegiate (m-w.com).

Heads: Follow capitalization rules for compositions as shown in CMS.

Run-in Subheads (if there are any):
For one sentence, end without a period regardless if complete or incomplete sentence. If two sentences, please add a period to end the final sentence.

Bylines: Dr. XXX, Ph.D., (Ph.D. between commas after name). No commas in between names and Jr. or Sr.

Sentences: One space between period and beginning of next sentence. Use series commas per CMS.

Reprints: Previously published manuscripts will be considered. The primary rule being that there is an elapsed time of at least a year following the first appearance of the work in a nationally distributed publication and that the author currently holds publication rights to the work. Local and regional publications will be exempt from the year’s gap rule.

Address submissions to: The Taylor Trust: Poetry & Prose
Attn: LaVonne Taylor
P.O. Box 903456
Palmdale, CA 93550-3456

Or send them in body of email to: lavonne.taylor@sbcglobal.net
Subject line: Manuscript submission

Subscription rates: $24.00 per year; $45.00 for two years

Mail subscriptions to the above address or go to www.thetaylortrust.wordpress.com and click on the subscription link in the sidebar, which will take you to PayPal.


Instructions: Copy this template and attach it to the top of your manuscript. For digital submissions, it must appear as the first page of your manuscript.

Author Name: ____________________________________________________________

Author Address: __________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________ State: _________Zip: ___________

Title of manuscript: _______________________________________________________

Manuscript Type: Underline One Fiction Nonfiction Poetry

Submitted for inclusion in which issue? Underline One Spring Summer Fall Winter

One-time-only publication rights for print journal with concurrent one-time-only rights for publication on web log www.thetaylortrust.wordpress.com. The author retains all North American rights.

Author signs & dates below:

Author Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _______

Note: For digital submissions, electronic signatures are accepted.

Reprinted from http://thetaylortrust.wordpress.com/writers-guidelines/

Monday, April 6, 2009

DANSE MACABRE: Submission Call Deadline April 21

Danse Macabre
An Online Literary Magazine
Seeks Submissions from YOU!

We present a bi-monthly literary buffet of writers from across the spectrum, whether professional, aspiring, historical, or experimental. Our contributors hail from all corners of the world, from the South Side of Chicago to Italy's Adriatic Coast, Southern California to Beijing's Arts District; from across the great state of Nevada to the Aloha, Lone Star, Empire, and Sunshine States; as well as poets, composers, and authors whose works suffer the temperamental vicissitudes of the literatti from beyond the grave.

Our mission is to further expand the imaginative landscape of the non-academic literary web. If fanciful kunst und kultur, out-of-the-ordinary literary places of mind, body & soul, not to mention buona coloratura lettura appeal to the composer in you, we invite you to submit for future editions of this online magazine. Edited & published by Adam Henry Carriere, winner of the Nevada Arts Council Fellowship in Poetry, Danse Macabre welcomes all forms of poetry (limit 3 per submission); flash, short-short, short, and traditional fiction; travel narratives, humour, and creative non-fiction; book & music reviews; and the occasional scholarly take on literary matters consistent with our narrative flavours.

E-mail your submissions as text in the body of your message with a short bio telling us about yourself & your writing. Though we may not be able to offer you comments on your work, we do promise to read every-thing you send with care and consideration, and to respond as soon as we can to your work. You will be notified if your work is selected for posting. Our submissions address is dansemacabreonline(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Issue 23 -

une nuit à l'opéra
A Night at the Opera

Deadline - 21 Apr 2009

Premiere - 1 May 2009

We accept unthemed submissions year 'round...

Adam Henry Carrière
éditeur, Danse Macabre
le premier magasin littéraire en ligne au Nevada

Previous contributors and interviewees include poet Bruce Bond (Blind Rain), pop culture maven Felicia Florine Campbell (Las Vegas Noir), Deems Taylor ASCAP Award-winning broadcaster / musician John Clare (20/20 Hearing), film composer Danny Elfman (Perpetuum Schizophrana), National Book Award-winning author Larry Heinemann (Paco's Story), artist / poet / publisher Roxanne Hoffman (Flor del Concreto), poet Branch Isole (Barking Geckos), composer / conductor Krzysztof Penderecki (Fanfarria Real), poet / dramatist / screenwriter James Ragan (The Hunger Wall), poet Felino Soriano (Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes), composer Dick Strawser (Thoughts on a Train), visual design artist Laurens Tan (Babalogic), lyricist & gaming expert William Thompson (Heart Lines & Lyrics), writer / producer Digby Wolfe (Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In), and poet / actor / filmmaker Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Walk on the Ledge)...

Danse Macabre
Copyright (c.) 2006/09 by Adam Henry Carriere / Volksrundfunk Enterprises GmbH.
All Rights Reserved.