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MUNGBEING: "Community" Theme - Deadline May 16

Issue #25: Love - It fills our thoughts and hearts, occupies our minds and bodies, and spills out between these pages.

MungBeing Cover of Issue #25: Liz Parkinson's Couple with the Golden PillowMungBeing
Cover of Issue #25
"Couple with the Golden Pillow"
by Liz Parkinson

Featuring the lovely works of Anna Dickie, David Erlewine, and Roberta Lawson, new artwork from Stefan Mosebach, Sarah Bereza, and Wayne Wolfson, music from Chris Brokaw, Peg Simone, Ashley Reaks, and June Bisantz, love poems by Davy King, Martin Maudal, Michelle Reale, Elody Samuelson, and Caroline Whitehead, and recipes, advice, musings, and a special guest appearance in the comics section. So much love!

Mark Givens, Editor-In-Chief
Jody Franklin, Editor
Humonenergy, Inc., Programmer
Pencil Tenet, Inc. in association with Eschaton Media, Publisher
MungBeing Magazine

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Guidelines and Deadlines
by MungBeing Magazine


THEME: Community
DEADLINE: May 16, 2009
RELEASE DATE: June 7, 2009

If you would like to contribute to MungBeing, we would like to discuss it with you.

Writing: Please stick your pitches and queries in the message box at the bottom of your screen ( And let us know where and how we might be able to view some examples of your work. We are open to publishing all manner of creative literature, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as poetry.

Visual Art: We accept submissions of paintings, illustrations, collage works, comics and photography. Forward us a link to any web galleries you may have, or, if you do not have a site, send us one .jpg or .gif file sample of your work.

Music/Audio Art: If you would like to submit audio works, please direct our submission review board to a site on the Internet where samples of the audio works may be heard. Do not send files as attachments to emails unless we specifically request you to do so.

Recipes: Recipes must be original and tested.

All submissions will be formatted to fit the MungBeing framework. It is therefore unnecessary to submit work using extensive HTML. Simple tags may be used sparingly and only on a full stomach. Photos and artwork may be resized to fit the MungBeing page. Opinions will be shaped, cream will be whipped, and all the mice will regale us with coffee. Adherence to the target issue's theme is encouraged. Check the "Guidelines and Deadlines" section of the current issue to see what the upcoming theme will be.

MungBeing Magazine is published under a Creative Commons license and rights are retained by the contributors. MungBeing is being distributed online as a website, as an RSS feed, and as an Atom feed. If other technologies pop up along the way, we'll whack 'em on the head. And we'll be exploring different media for offline versions in the future.

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