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Perennial Poetry Postcard Project & Signup

Postcard Poetry

Perennial Postcard Signup (NEW!)
From Lana “Keeper of the List” Ayers:

Happy 2009!

Thank you for participating the perennial poetry postcard project. In 2008 nearly 130 people took part. It has grown to be a rich international community of poetry postcarders.

For this new year, we have a new list interface. So if you are ready to keep sending those wonderful poetry postcards, all you need to do is go to and register. Once you are registered you can view the list and begin sending postcards. The 2008 list site will come down in a few days, so the new list is the only one that will be available.

Please write and send at least one poetry postcard a week. The most important part is to have fun and keep the cards going. Don't agonize too much over what you write -- first thought, best thought. Remember how exciting it is for the person who is eagerly waiting to find a little note from you in her mailbox.

If you need to change your address, you can do this yourself. And if for any reason you need to drop from the list, you can do that yourself as well. Check the list frequently as there will be a new sign-ups all the time.

May 2009 be a most poetic year,


(Lana says there will be a separate list for the August (daily) Postcard Fest. Stay tuned.)

Reposted form

Writer's Relief is 15. Enter Contest to Win Free Submissions. Deadline Feb 28 2009.

Writer's Relief
We're 15! Enter Our Contest To Win Free Submissions!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009 15:00 by Writer's Relief Staff

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! In honor of Writer’s Relief’s 15th anniversary, we are having a special contest. To win the grand prize of 25+ targeted submissions of your writing, submit a poem, short story, or essay of exactly 15 words for our 15th anniversary!

There will be two (2) first-prize winners!

For our regular, full-service clients, the first-prize winner will receive $106 off of his/her February to April 2009 invoice.

For all other writers the first-prize winner will be awarded one round of A La Carte submissions (Monetary value: $106). More information at:

Any honorable mentions will receive one of our T-shirts. You can see what they look like here:

The information you need to know:

Deadline: 02/28/09.

Submit to: Writer’s Relief’s 15th Anniversary. E-mail via RTF or DOC attachment to: Please put “Contest Submission” in the subject line. Or mail to: “Con
test Submission,” 409 South River Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601. NOTE: Your entry must be postmarked by 2/28/09.

Entry fee: NONE!

Type: Poems, short shorts, and short essays (15 words EXACTLY).
  1. We will read entries anonymously, but YOU MUST include ALL of your contact information (name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address) with your submission.
  2. Do NOT post your entry as a comment on this blog; it will be disqualified.
  3. If your piece is under OR over 15 words, the submission will also be disqualified.
  4. Do NOT include a title. We want the work to be strong enough to stand on its own.
  5. Only ONE (1) entry per person.
  6. Winning entries will be posted on our blog; we will acquire one-time rights. Winners will be announced for our anniversary, which is March 15.
Get those contest submissions to our inbox or in the mail TODAY!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Writing Workshops with George Wallace in NJ & LI

George Wallace

Writing Workshops with George Wallace in NJ & LI

Feb 05 2009, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
For info:
A Writing workshop with George Wallace
Via Dolce @ 1020 Center 18 Rte 18 North
East Brunswick, NJ
Cost: $40

Mondays, Feb 2 - 23, 2009, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
A Continuing Education Workshop with George Wallace
For info, 516- 299- 2236
LIU- CW Post
Brookville LI, NY
Cost: $100

Join George Wallace, first Poet Laureate of Suffolk County and widely published author of poems, as he explores with you how to stimulate creative impulses and get them flowing in the right direction. Learn helpful composing techniques and share your ideas as well as poems with supportive classmates in your writing circle.

An inspiring and completely mind-expanding experience!

DEBRIS MAGAZINE: Winter Issue is Out!

Debris Magazine, Winter 2009
Date: Jan 27, 2009 10:53 AM
Subject: The Winter issue is out!

Hello all, I just wanted to let every one know that the Winter issue is out! Besides the usual poetry and short stories, it features the artwork of Mildred and Jim McHugh, as well as photography by Andrea Szegedy, all of which I'm sure you will enjoy . :)

I've also developed the first ever reader's poll, which can be viewed here:

Any input is greatly appreciated and if you don' t feel like filling out the poll, just message or comment me with suggestions.


Emily Bennett
Editor, Debris Magazine

* * *

Issue #8: the Spring/April issue

Poetry/prose: limit to four poems

Short stories: up to 2,500 words; no min. word count for flash fiction

Travel writing: city/country profiles that a traveler forms by sharing experiences, photos, mentioning places to go, etc

Reviews of all kinds: Debris does not currently write reviews, but we do publish them. Reviews can be of mostly anything, including music, movies, books, events, etc

Artwork: Debris does not accept art submissions; we only feature chosen artists in a showcase format, like other art magazines. It is strongly suggested to check out the artwork section to get a good understanding of what we do. To be considered for a featured artist slot, submit 8-10 images of your work, a bio and/or artist statement. A different artist will be featured each month, instead of quarterly.

Note: Art can be anything…paintings, drawings, crafts, installations, street art…so don’t feel that because you don’t necessarily fit into a box of what art is, that means there’s no sense in sending your work in. Not true!

Photography: Debris does not accept photography submissions; we only feature chosen photographers in a showcase format, like other art magazines. It is strongly suggested to check out the photography section to get a good understanding of what we do. To be considered for a featured photographer slot, submit 8-10 images of your work, a bio and/or artist statement. A different photographer will be featured each month, instead of quarterly.

Simultaneous submissions: We gladly accept these kinds of submissions; however we require a notice when the work has been accepted so we can withdraw it from consideration.

Payment: At this time we are unable to provide payment for works, but hope to do so in the future. However, if chosen to be in the anthology, a discount or free issue will be provided. Also, if you have a small business or side project you’d like to advertise, free banner or affiliate advertising may be available.

Legal: We only accept non published works and ask for first time publication rights and one-time anthology rights. Otherwise authors/artists retain all rights to their works and their respective copyrights.

Publishing schedule:
Summer-July 1, submission deadline June 21
Fall-October 1, submission deadline Sept. 21
Winter-January 1, submission deadline Dec. 21
Spring-April 1, submission deadline March 21

Send work to as either a .doc or .rtf attachment. If you have the latest version of Word, it’ll have to be in .rtf format, since I do not have this version. Do not copy and paste into email.

Please include your name, mailing address and email. If wishing the submission to be listed as anonymous, make sure you say so.

**Please make sure you receive a confirmation email from me before you assume I have received your work. Countless emails have disappeared in my spam/junk box never to be seen again.

Rejection Policy: Debris receives an enormous amount of submissions and due to this fact, will no longer be issuing individual rejection notices. If you do not receive an acceptance response within 30 days of submitting your work, unfortunately your work was not chosen to be published. Please wait until the 30 days have passed before submitting other work.

Reprinted from

The IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel Celebrates 500 Shows

The IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel


The IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel Celebrates 500 Shows
Releases Original Recording of
“Howl” by Allen Ginsberg

(South Royalton, VT)

The IndieFeed Performance Poetry Podcast, a member of the IndieFeed Podcast Network (, is proud to announce its milestone 500th Episode. To mark the occasion, a special anniversary podcast will begin airing on Friday, January 30th 2009, showcasing the earliest full recording of “Howl (for Carl Solomon)” by Allen Ginsberg.

IndieFeed worked closely with the estate of the late poet in order to bring this historic recording to its podcast audience. As founder and host Wess “Mongo” Jolley says during the show, “What is really critical to understand about Ginsberg is how his work signaled a cultural shift, a moment in time when suddenly poetry in performance became something totally new, and would never be the same again. I contend that without Ginsberg, and specifically without Howl, the poetry slam would be unrecognizable. In fact, we would probably never have had anything even remotely resembling today’s modern performance poetry movement. This poet, and indeed this poem, is that important.”

The IndieFeed Poetry Performance Podcast series was founded in 2006 to celebrate the diverse artists of the spoken word community. The independently produced show is consistently one of the top three poetry podcasts on iTunes, drawing 100,000 downloads every month, and over two million downloads overall.

Since its founding, the podcast has exposed its audience to works by over 200 diverse poets, including poetry slam powerhouses such as Patricia Smith, Beau Sia, Taylor Mali, and Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz; cowboy poets such as Linda Hasselstrom, John Dofflemyer and Paul Zarzyski; contemporary greats such as Mark Doty and Kim Addonizio; and even historical recordings of legendary icons such Sylvia Plath, Gregory Corso and Jack Kerouac.

The series typically releases three new tracks every week featuring one poem per show, followed by commentary and resources to learn more about the poet. All the works featured on the show are written and performed by the poets themselves, and are available for download free of charge at the IndieFeed site ( and on iTunes.

The 500th episode, showcasing Ginsberg reading his legendary epic poem, "Howl," has special meaning for host Mongo, who also founded “,” an extensive Ginsberg website, in 1995. The site, which was the first comprehensive directory of Ginsberg information on the web, became a major resource for news organizations at Ginsberg’s death in 1997. The “Clearinghouse for all things Ginsberg” continued for several more years, until search engines such as Google made the site obsolete, and Mongo closed it in 2002. It was his relationship with the Ginsberg Estate that allowed him to use Ginsberg’s recording of his poem “America” in 2006, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original 1956 recording. Mongo is thrilled to be able broadcast another Ginsberg work, from that same amazing evening of poetry over a half century ago, to celebrate the show’s 500th episode.

“IndieFeed provides a unique opportunity for poetry lovers to look both backwards, to the greats like Allen Ginsberg, as well as forward, to the amazing young talent that continues to step onto stages for the first time, every day,” Mongo says. “We look forward to producing our next 500 shows, and continuing to bring great poetry to our audience.”

Beginning at 3:00 am on Friday, January 30, the 500th show can be downloaded directly at:

New listeners are invited to explore to the complete archive of shows as well as subscribe to all new releases, at the main IndieFeed Performance Poetry website:

Or by finding the podcast in the listings at the iTunes music store.

If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please feel free to reach out to Mongo directly at

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TTQ2 is Out!

Date: Jan 28, 2009 11:57 AM

Subject: The Toronto Quarterly-Issue Two is now available!!!

The Toronto Quarterly-Issue Two is now in print.

In this issue we have some great poetry from Rob Mclennan, Jared Smith, Puma Perl, Asher Ghaffer, Michael Thompson, Liz Worth, Melissa Moler Beery and many more.

There are interviews with Heather Haley, Jessica Anya Blau and Richard S. Todd.

As well, fantastic art from Laurie Lipton and Benoit Piret.

Darryl Salach, Editor
The Toronoto Quarterly

* * *









L4X 1S4


Gumbo For The Soul: Women of Honor Submission Guidelines

Date: Jan 29, 2009 7:10 AM
Subject: Gumbo For The Soul: Women of Honor Submission Guidelines

Gumbo For The Soul: Women of Honor-Special Pink Edition

Due out October 2009~Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Foreword by Synthia SAINT JAMES
An anthology honoring women and supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Compiled by Beverly Black Johnson
Cover design, Sisters of Courage
Edited by Eve's Literary Service
Media rep: PR et Cetera, Inc.

Inspired by the co-founder of Def Poetry Jam, visionary, Bruce George.

Synthia SAINT JAMES was recently commissioned by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to create Circle of Promise. We are so honored to have Ms. SAINT JAMES' input and to support such a worthy cause that has such a tremendous impact on our community.

20% of the books' proceeds to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure launched the Circle of Promise campaign to engage African-Americans in its mission to end breast cancer forever by fostering increased awareness, support, empowerment and action. African-American women have the highest death rate and poorest survival rate of any other racial or ethnic group for breast cancer. Let's inspire each other to get annual mammograms and perform self exams.
Let's inspire our mothers, sisters, friends and daughters to beat the odds!




Submission guidelines must be strictly adhered for consideration:All submissions must be 1500 words or less in Times Roman Size 12 regular typeface in the form of essays, poetry, inspirational or quote on wisdom, love, courage, life experiences. All submissions must be formatted with the title and author at the header of the document and a brief bio at the footer. Bios are also factored in the submission word count. Also attach a jpeg picture of yourself for our yahoo-group, Contributor Photo Album.
(photo optional)

A signed Contributor Agreement must be received prior to publication and is available via our yahoo group upon joining.


The deadline is extended to May 31, 2009. We will publish the updates via the yahoo group.

Compensation: Contributors will receive an honorable mention on the website and in the anthology which may include links to email and website of choice.

Pre-ordering will not be available for this special edition.

Email submissions to Gumbo for The Soul at: with Women of Honor in the subject field.

Contributor agreement hardcopy must be mailed to :

Box 5193

San Jose, CA 95150


Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to obtain receipt confirmation.

Byline: A short bio will be included for each contributing author.

Rights: Authors retain all rights and copyright to their individual works. Gumbo for the Soul will obtain the copyright and ISBN for the entire compilation (anthology).

Editing: We reserve the right to edit selected submissions for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and appropriate content



Only six full-page advertisements are available; nothing smaller. Get yours in asap!! Don't miss the opportunity to be among the fortunate six to acquire ad space in this sure-to-be bestseller. Sponsor ads will precede the body of the book.
Ad rates are as follows:

Only $175.00: for a lifetime, full-page 6"X9" B/W ad. Ads must be Times Roman 12 pt. font, spell checked and typeset to fit the book dimensions. Any artwork or photos must be in jpeg and 300 dpi. Submit as a word doc w jpeg attached. Include graphics in the word doc.

~Reserve your spot by contacting us at First come, first served.

Ads must be paid in full via cashier's check or money order in US funds payable to:

Gumbo For The Soul.

Mail to:

P.O. Box 5193

San Jose, CA 95150

Be Blessed,

Beverly Black Johnson
Gumbo For The Soul Publications
Wise people treasure knowledge,but the babbling of a fool invites disaster. [Proverbs10:14]

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AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal #16 is Up Online! Call for #17!

AMAZE #6: Cover Haiga by Susan Constable
Amaze #16 is now online at:

Included are some great cinquains by Duane Ackerson, Bryan Bridges, Michael L. Evans, Toni J. Gardner, Roxanne Hoffman, Paul Ingrassia, M.J. Iuppa, David Jalajel, Bob Lucky, Terra Martin, Naia, April Orr, Linda Papanicolaou, Kiwanda Paul, Kelly Polark, Carol Raisfeld, Jessica Reidy, Terrie Leigh Relf, Ann K. Schwader, Marge Simon, J.E. Stanley, and s.c. virtes.

I'm going to start reading for Amaze #17 next week, so now is a good time to submit some cinquains to me at
Amaze: The Cinquain Journal
Dedicated to developing, promoting, and publishing cinquains in the traditional form established by Adelaide Crapsey*

*We are also very interested in the development and publication of innovative forms of the cinquain, such as mirror cinquains and cinquain cycles or sequences.

Cover haiga by Susan Constable. Joshua Gage has reviewed the 2007 Amaze Annual on the Cleveland Poetics blog. Also, check out Volume 6, Holiday edition, “Coming Home”, a 63 stanza cinquain sequence written by 12 poets,in December 2006 on the CinquainPoetSequence yahoogroup, never before published!

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GET OVER IT by Miriam Stanley is Out!

Get Over It
Poetry by Miriam Stanley
Trade Paperback, 84 pages
Rogue Scholars Press, 2009
ISBN: 0-977-1550-6-4
ISBN13: 978-0-977-1550-6-4


The essence of a modern-day poet, Miriam Stanley's second book, Get Over It, ecompasses 84 pages of original verse with subjects spanning world politics to the personal turmoil of the human psyche; musings of life, death, love, hate, joy, despair, laid out for observance and celebration.

Getting Over It is a a natural representation of Stanley's comedic/tragic style of writing that has earned her an honored place among New York City's crystalized poetry movement of the Lower East Side.


The eldest of three daughters, Miriam Stanley was born to Jonathan and Paula Rosefeld in New York City, and raised in Morganville, NJ. She joined the New York poetry scene in 1966, and has since been featured in over 30 readings , festivals and events, both locan and international. Her first solo book, Not To Be Believed! (Rogues Scholars Press) was published in 2005. Her work also appeared in the anthology Skyscrapers, Taxis and Tampons.

When she is not writing, Miriam serves humanity as an art therapist in the New York City hospital system.

These poems, burning with anger, hurt and despair, give a light that does not dazzle nor flicker, but stares steadily at the world that meets its eyes.Jee Leong Koh, author of Payday Loans

For a full review of this new book by the poet Jee Leong Koh, author of Payday Loans (Poets Wear Prada, 2007) visit his blogspot, Song of a Reformed Headhunter, at

Starting Thursday, January 22, 2009, the book can be ordered directly from Rogues Scholars Press at

For more interviews and to book the author for readings, please contact Ms. Stanley at miriam at roguescholars dot com.

About the Book and About the Author excerpted from the back cover of Get Over It (Rogue Scholars Press, 2009).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chapbook Review by Richard L. Powell: HEAVENLY BODIES (Poets Wear Prada, 2008)

Chapbook Review
by Richard L. Powell

Poems by Richard Marx Weinraub

ISBN 978-0-9817678-4-0, Soft Cover, 19 pp., $10.00 (+ $1.50 S&H)
Poets Wear Prada, 2008

Heavenly Bodies, by Richard Marx Weinraub, is a chapbook of twelve poems published by Poets Wear Prada. This small collection of intriguing selections will peak the interest of those beginning as well as seasoned poets who are esoterically inclined. Each is a delightful illumination embedded in classical mythology as well as those inspired by the events of ordinary living. Within each poem nothing is taken for granted. Every word earned its reason for being placed.

This inventive collection is woven into a tapestry of mythological personages remembered. Words and ideas mix, causing subtle and blatant sexual tensions to explode across the pages charting new galactic paths for those curious enough to explore fanciful connections to other realms. Double entendres dotted here and there combine to entice the knower and confound the uninitiated to enter secret spaces by invitation only. Two of my favorites are “Sappho/James Merrill” and “Venus De Milo.”

Readers will enjoy the respectful homage to the poet James Merrill. This poem conjures up the old-fashioned drawing room where a gentleman caller would engage his pursuit. In this case however, it was that of an old man smelling of fruit and fingering a Ouija board who invites his visitor to sit on grandma’s love seat.

Venus De Milo at the age of consent in my living room – what should I do? Personification transformed into flesh with no past or future – just here and now. As the poet presents her, my choice is to make her my literary love slave – naturally. Internet not needed.

This small collection of gems is a quick read that leaves you pondering the meaning and connection of words. Poems written at particular moments in life cause the reader to pause retrospectively, reliving life in twelve pieces. Those who enjoy edgy situations will find some comfort here. Those who relish the brevity of wit will be delighted. This poetic grouping makes you understand why we are seduced by the words of a poet. I highly recommend Heavenly Bodies.

Richard L. Powell is an emerging playwright and poet interested in exploring a variety of writing genres and styles. He's written two plays, "Kiss" and "Congo Square." He's in the process of writing his third play, "Sand Dunes." Poetically, the exploration of Haiku has captured his attention. Contact him at rpowell548 at aol dot com.

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Eve Packer's NOW PLAYING is up on CD Baby

New Spokenword CD from AltSax Records


Now Playing, the latest Eve Packer (words) & Noah Howard (sax, music) poetry/jazz collaboration. This CD also features musicians Bobby Kapp, Calyer Duncan, and Bobby Few (piano). Four years in the making, features "Katrina suite", "Sopranos Sonnets", "Mural at Mintons" and lots of New York post-9/11 pre-Obama pieces. AltSax Records.


EVE PACKER: Bronx-born, poet/performer, author of 2 books, skulls head samba & the recently published playland poems 1994-2004 (Fly By Night Press), & 3 CD's w/jazz.

I salute her as the Weegee poet—Donald Hall

...smokey & sexy in a way that makes you think of love.—Dennis Duggan, NEWSDAY

NOAH HOWARD: Born in 1943, New Orleans, USA, Musical training since childhood. Professional musician since 1960.

One of the Best Alto Saxophonist around—DOWN BEAT MAGAZINE-NEW YORK

He sounds like a New Orleans reed player, gorgeously lyrical!—THE NEW YORK TIMES

Check out some of her words at Acoustic Levitation

For More Info/Bookings: Eve Packer

Raving Dove's Winter Edition Now Online. Call for Spring Edition.

After a brief hiatus, Raving Dove has returned to the literary scene with a powerful winter 2008/2009 edition.

In this edition, our nonfiction honors 99-year-old William Hammaker, the "Professor of Peace"; it takes us to the streets of Ireland and then back to the U.S., into the reflections of an ex-con. Fiction is a whimsical what if, and poetry presents an inspired salmagundi of sentiments about violence and peace.

Raving Dove's mission is to share thought-provoking poetry, prose, and art that champions human rights and social justice--and opposes physical and psychological violence in all its forms, including war, discrimination against sexual orientation, and every shade of bigotry.

We are now reviewing for our spring edition.

Jo-Ann Moss, Editor
Raving Dove, Inc.
P.O. Box 28West
Linn, OR 97068 (for all matters outside of submission)

* * *

A Literary Journal
Since 2004

Winter 2008/2009 – Issue No. 14

Raving Dove's mission is to share thought-provoking poetry, prose, and art that champions human rights and social justice—and opposes physical and psychological violence in all its forms, including war, discrimination against sexual orientation, and every shade of bigotry.

Published quarterly, Raving Dove showcases original poetry, nonfiction essays, fiction, photography, and art. See our submission guidelines for complete details. We are now reviewing work for our spring 2009 edition, which will be online in March.

With thanks to the contributors of the winter 2008/2009 edition:

Bob Bradshaw۰Chris Crittenden۰John Darling۰Howard Good
Rebecca Hainsworth۰Courtney McDermott
Stella Hatzopoulos Paolacci۰Ellen Jane Powers۰John Repp
Adeline Scout۰Judith Terzi۰Ocean Vuong۰Jon Wesick

In this edition, our nonfiction honors 99-year-old William Hammaker, the "Professor of Peace"; it takes us to the streets of Ireland and then back to the U.S., into the reflections of an ex-con. Fiction is a whimsical what if, and poetry presents an inspired salmagundi of sentiments about violence and peace.

Thank you for taking the time to read the offerings of our diverse and talented poets and writers.

"Raving Dove is like an impressionist painting that you have continuously observed in order to view obscured or distant images or ideas that you may have missed at first glance. Its literary sensibility seems to be one of simple and precisely written elegance..."—Micah Zevin/NewPages
Full Review

Reprinted from

Thursday, January 15, 2009

PERIGEE 23 is Out! Open Call for Anniversary Issue.

PERIGEE Publication for the Arts
Dear Subscribers;

We are pleased to bring you our 23rd issue, hot off the presses. You don't want to miss this issue, which kicks off our 2009 Fiction Contest (Guest Judge: James Brown) with an over-sized fiction section and two book reviews. The short stories alone will keep you entertained for days: Nine stories by multiple Pushcart nominees and winners, novelists, contest champions, and skilled wordsmiths all. We're also publishing an interview with poet Jack Marshall, five excellent memoirs, and six meticulously written and carefully selected poems.

Issue 23 features the watercolor paintings of Derek McCrea, a US Army Infantry Combat Soldier with two tours in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division, who has been painting since the summer of 1984.

After six years, we continue to be impressed and inspired by this process we—our readers, our writers, our editors and designers—continue to define and re-define. It's something remarkable. We hope you will join us in celebrating this adventure of literature and art, brought to you free-of-charge and with no strings attached. Our gift, yours and Perigee's alike—our shared amusement, our little treasure.

We hope you enjoy Perigee's 23rd issue, and continue to read, write, and send work our way. [Submission Period: #24 (December 15, 2008 - March 1, 2009 for our April 15th anniversary issue. Online form at Response by April 7th, 2009]

Warm Regards,


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DAVID YEZZI Teaches Performance Poetry at 92nd Street Y

92nd Street Y Logo
In Your Own Voice: Performing Poetry
A New Class Taught by Poet and Actor DAVID YEZZI

Beginning in February, David Yezzi is teaching a class at the 92nd Street Y on reading poetry—your own and others'—aloud to an audience (very useful for poets and public speakers).

Here's the description: This hands-on performance workshop, combining literary and theatrical practice, looks closely at what makes a poetry reading compelling, clear and resonant. Through textual analysis, vocal technique and group discussion and critique, students will create a pliant and powerful reading style to best serve their work. (Below is Richard Wilbur reading to a crowd at the West Chester University Poetry Conference last year.)

The class runs for eight Tuesdays beginning February 10, 2009 (6:30pm-9:00pm) at the 92nd Street Y (Lexington Avenue and 92nd Street). Cost: $400 for 8 Sessions. No manuscript submission required.

You can read more about it and register at:

David Yezzi

David Yezzi is the Executive Editor of The New Criterion. A former director of the Unterberg Poetry Center at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Mr. Yezzi has contributed poems and criticism to The New York TimesBook Review, The Times Literary Supplement, The Wall Street Journal, The Paris Review, The New Republic, Poetry, The Yale Review, Poetry Daily, and elsewhere. A former Stegner Fellow in poetry at Stanford University, he is the author of The Hidden Model and, from Aralia Press, the chapbook Sad Is Eros.

Special thanks to Wendy Sloane for forwarding this informatin on behalf of David Yezzi.

New Issue of AUTUMN LEAVES (Open Call).

Autumn Leaves
A Twice-Monthly Online Poetry Journal

It is below freezing and the wind blows strong against the window. There is grey ice on the lake, reflection of a twilit sky. Mario threw some bread out on the frozen ground earlier today, and some squirrels came to eat them. The squirrels are always hungry this time of the year, stealing and eating one another’s acorns. We spent part of the Christmas holidays in western Maryland, where we enjoyed walking by frozen lakes and through snow covered trees in wind chills of sometimes below -40 degrees. We also visited a couple of houses designed by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Then we spent a couple of days with our young grandchildren.

The January 1, 2009 issue is now in cyber space. Autumn Leaves is now into its 13th year of publication, and attracts literally thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of readers every issue.

You can find the newest poems at

And, everyone, have a wonderful 2009!

Sondra Ball
sjball at mindspring dot com

MODERN HAIGA 2008 Out & Submission Call for 2009

Modern Haiga Logo
MODERN HAIGA 2008 Now Available.
Call for Submissions for MH 2009

Modern Haiga is an annual journal—both print and digital—dedicated to publishing and promoting fine modern graphic poetry, especially but not limited to, haiku, senryu, tanka, cinquain, cinqku, crystallines, cherita, and sijo. Many writers and artists around the world have generously shared their work in Modern Haiga.

Print Edition ISSN: 1941-4986
Digital Edition ISSN: 1941-4870

Included in the premiere issue print edition are one hundred and one outstanding works of graphic poetry. We are pleased to announce the publication of the print edition of Modern Haiga 2008. The digital edition with all accepted works is available, free, online at
The print edition includes a subset of the works in the digital edition; specifically, one hundred and one works were included in the case-wrapped hard cover book, one work to a page. The index to the book indicates the poets and artists included. [INDEX: an'ya; 6. Babusci, Pamela A.; 8, 34, 50. Baker, Ed; 44. Castagna, Robert; 22, 51. Cavalieri, Grace; 83. Constable, David; 52, 98. Constable, Susan; 31, 52, 54, 61, 86, 89, 98, 104. Croteau, Wilfred; 40, 69. Davila, Mary; 13, 74. de Gruttola, Raffael; 22, 40, 51, 69. Deodhar, Dr. Angelee; 30. Downey, Audrey; 56, 65, 92. Flohr, Winnifred; 35. Forrester, Stanford M.; 32. Fraser, Laryalee; 18, 88, 102. Garrison, Denis M.; 20, 27, 39, 48, 62. Gorgone, Judith; 75. Grace, Margaret L.; 26. hoo; 9, 25. Kacian, Jim; 55, 93. Kamakura, Sayumi; 59. Karkow, Kirsty; 38, 68, 100. LeBel, Gary; 24, 45, 84, 95. LeBlanc, Jean; 28, 73, 99. Margolak, Jacek; 19. McClintock, Karen; 15, 23, 33, 63, 81. McClintock, Michael; 23, 33, 63, 81. Millcock, Allison; 41, 82. Miller, Fonda Bell; 46. Moss, Ron; 7. Origa; 5, 36. Papanicolaou, Linda; 14, 49, 57, 85, 101. Pearce-Worthington, Carol; 78. Pilarski, Linda; 16, 47, 90. Prime, Patricia; 96. Raisfeld, Carol; front cover, 10, 53, 64, 87, 97. Rosellini, Elisabetta Ricca; 60. Rotella, Alexis; 11, 30, 37, 42, 58, 72, 83. Rotella, Robert F.; 79. Russell, Claudette; 43, 77. Russell, Frank; 43, 77. Shimizu, Kuniharu; 9, 25, 59, 96. Simonova-Cecon, Valeria; 103. Stevenson, John; 45. Verbeke, Geert; 12. Wilkinson, Liam; 67, 70, 76, 80, 94. Wilson, Robert D.; 21, 29, 71, 91. Woodward, Jeffrey; 17, 66.]

The full-color, hard cover book is priced at $49.95 and is available at our Lulu store, and at our MET Press website,

Thank you, all the fine poets and artists who submitted their work to Modern Haiga 2008, and to the very hard-working board of editors, which included Alexis Rotella, Liam Wilkinson, Linda Papanicolaou, and Raffael de Gruttola. Alexis and I have resigned from the board for 2009, so we can have some fresh blood for the new edition. Liam Wilkinson is the new chief editor for MH 2009. We encourage you to send your submissions in to Modern Haiga 2009 - submissions are open and the mailing address is still submissions at modernhaiga dot com--it now forwards to Liam.

Best wishes and thanks for a great year!

Denis M. Garrison

Monday, January 12, 2009

THE TOWER JOURNAL Seeks Submissions

The Tower Journal Logo

The Tower Journal is a portal for poets, fiction writers, essayists and others. All are encouraged to send their original work to: Mary Ann Sullivan by e-mail to:

The Tower Journal Fall 2008, Vol. 1 Num. 4, guest edited by Jack and Adelle Foley, features:

Best-Selling Author Peter Beagle
Poet Katherine Hastings

Ivan Arguelle
Jake Berry
Lori Ladd Brown
Mary-Marcia Casoly
Adelle Foley
Jack Foley
G David Schwartz
Mary Ann Sullivan
Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
Francis Thompson
Jane Venzke

The MERC offers Memoir Workshop

merc logo
The Truth of Imagination
A Memoir Workshop:
Weekly from January 14 to February 18


Memoirs are supposed to tell the truth. And yet, they use fictional devices-plot, dialogue, and characterization-to shape that truth and captivate readers. In this workshop, participants will learn to use the fiction writer's arsenal with the aim of shaping the truth into a gripping read. The workshop is designed with the specific goal of helping students create work that is publishable.

Wednesdays, January 4 through February 18
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
The Mercantile Library Center for Fiction
17 East 47th Street
New York, New York

Slots are still available for this six-week workshop!

$165 members; $180 nonmembers


For more information:

Posting Courtesy of Peter Selgin


Gold Wake Press will present an electronic anthology on the theme, Identity.

Submissions are open.

Note: Single poems are accepted for this venture.


J Michael Wahlgren

* * *


We are currently in search of work on the theme, Identity. Think Identity in the broadest of sense. Each of us has a unique style. Or think specifically on the topic of identity. Submit to the below email address. Attachment preferred.


Gold Wake Press is nothing less than the sum of its parts. We strive for high quality poems in e-chap format. We convert RTF files to PDF using with 11pt Times New Roman Font. The current editor is J. Michael Wahlgren.

Submission should be sent as an attached RTF to “” We are currently in search of electronic chapbooks of 5 poems which are previously unpublished. Please familiarize yourself with the chaps we have published thus far; we are open to taking new direction to an extent. Yes, you can submit more than 5 poems. We would select 5 pages of material to suit an electronic chapbook. No, we do not accept simultaneous submissions. We should be the only ones the poems are submitted to at that time. We seek to be a branch to a chapbook or book. Therefore, if your poems are accepted, we only ask that they are noted.

POETRY CEMETERY Seeks Submissions.

Poetry Cemetery, an online magazine starting its 4th year, is looking for submissions.

Show me your cemeteries, and I will tell you what kind of people you have.—Benjamin Franklin

We think the same holds true for a society's poetry. Come check us out!

* * *



Poetry Cemetery always welcomes unsolicited poetry submissions from both published and amateur poets alike. Feel free to send us your best work at any time...just be sure you follow the rules/guidelines below:

  1. Send a maximum of 3 poems for consideration per issue.

  2. PROOFREAD your work before you send it.

  3. Send your poems in the body of the email...NOT as attachments. Also, please be sure you include titles (even if the title is "untitled"), and be sure we can distinguish the end of one poem from the beginning of the next.

  4. Please let us know if the poems you've sent us have been published elsewhere; it's OK by us, just let us know where so we can properly credit the other publication.

  5. Please do not send anything that is excessively vulgar, pornographic, or otherwise offensive to the masses. We believe that every art form has its place in the world...but this is not the place for overtly offensive material.

  6. Please include a short bio-- 100 words or so.
  7. Don't forget your name and at least the city and state where you live.

By sending us your poetry, you are granting us publication rights for our website, and confirming that you have the rights to allow us to publish your work.

All work remains the property of the author--we merely ask that you give us credit if the piece is republished in the future.


We are also seeking artwork to decorate our pages. If you would like to help us decorate our pages, please send us your artwork in JPEG format only, as an attachment to your email.

Please, send all submission to POETRYCEMETERY@GMAIL.COM.

We will strive to respond within 4 weeks.

* * *

We've risen from the grave! Actually, the lid hadn't closed yet before John allowed me to step in as editor. As a fan of PC, I appreciated John's excellent stewardship of this magazine—I hope I can continue providing a safe haven for poets, especially previously unpublished poets, while still offering an entertaining venue for poetry lovers.

Show me your cemeteries, and I will tell you what kind of people you have.—Benjamin Franklin

I think the same holds true for a society's poetry. I will no doubt keep many of the things that attracted me to the site—I may change a few as we go along—and hopefully John Nashville, our Editor Emeritus, will serve as a Guest Editor and contributor, from time to time.

In the meantime, click on CURRENT ISSUE, John's last; check out the new submissions guidelines, and come back and check out our January issue, coming soon!


T.R. Tifoso, Editor

Saturday, January 3, 2009

HAIGAONLINE: "Mountain Roads" Issue Now Out

Dear friends:

Our latest issue, "Mountain Roads" (Haigaonline, Vol. 9, Issue 2, Autumn/Winter 2008) is now online:

Please come by and view an impressive collection of haiga by the following contributors:

Pamela Babusci
Ed Baker
Pris Campbell
Dave Constable
Mary Davila
Billie Dee
Jerry Dreesen
Denis Garrison
David Giacalone
Anne-Marie Glasheen
Claire Holloway
Ida Mahulja
Allison Millcock
Shanna Baldwin Moore
Linda Pilarski
Dorota Pyra
Mike Rehling
Mary Rodning
Emily Romano
Alexis Rotella
Natalia Rudychev
Manoj Saranathan
Terry Steudlein
Jan Turner
Diana Webb
Frank Williams

On behalf of everyone at Haigaonline (Mary, Jasminka, Shisen, Hirome and Choshi) I'd like to wish you the best for this holiday season.

Linda Papanicolaou, Editor
* * *
Submission Calls


I. EARTH DAY: 22 April 2009

So many people interpreted this issue's "earth" theme in ecological terms that we've decided to do an Earth Day ginkō for our Spring Gallery. The deadline for submissions will be 21 March 2009, with a projected publication date on Earth Day, 22 April 2009. Haiga accepted for publication will express Earth Day's ecological theme, either in the haiku or the image. Remember, haiga is a linked form, at its best when the relationship between image and text is open to multiple layers of meaning. Go where the spirit takes you!

You may submit up to three (3) haiga but only one (1) per author will be accepted for the issue. Include 'haigaonline--earth day' in the subject line of your email, and carefully read the all guidelines for the preparation of your haiga.


How do we define play? It's so basic to our nature that we know it when we see it. If you'd like a few kigo to jump start your creativity, a quick check of the Yuki Teikei Haiku Group's online kigo list includes Boy's Day, the Doll Festival, April Fool's Day, May Day, blowing soap bubbles and coloring/hiding Easter eggs for Spring; vacation, going barefoot, swimming in a pool or at the beach for Summer, and for our friends in the Southern hemisphere, skiing, ice skating, sleigh riding, snowmen and snowball fights for Winter ( Yuki Teikei Haiku Season Word List.htm). Don't forget Gabi's lists at the WHC World Kigo database, too (

You may let the image rather than the haiku express the theme. Remember, haiga is a linked form, at its best when the relationship between image and text is open to multiple layers of meaning. Go where the spirit takes you!

The deadline for submissions is 21 May, 2009, with publication on the Summer Solstice, 21 June 2009. You may submit up to three (3) haiga but only one (1) per author will be accepted for the issue. Include 'haigaonline--play' in the subject line of your email, and carefully read the all guidelines for the preparation of your haiga before you submit.


To be eligible for publication, all submissions to Haigaonline must be unpublished and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. This includes not only publication in online and print journals but also works displayed where others can access them on personal web pages, online photo albums, blogs, and at online workshop groups and forums. PLEASE NOTE: this is a return to the journal's eligibility policy under previous editors. In our invited portfolios, we can be flexible,but the policy will be rigorously enforced for open submissions to ginkōs in the Contemporary Haiga and Gallery sections.

Copyright to all work published by Haigaonline is held by the artists and authors. Nothing in the issue may be copied, reproduced or republished without their written permission. Artists and authors are free to republish work when the issue is no longer current, but agree as a condition of acceptance to credit Haigaonline as the first place of publication.

Haigaonline does not pay authors for works accepted for publication. We reserve future right to republish all items from our website in digital, hard copy or CD format. This may include promotional materials for the issue, e-cards, or an annual yearbook or calendar.

If you have an interesting haiga project or article in process that you think might interest us, we'd love to hear about it. Send all submissions and letters of inquiry to the editor via email to the following address (it is not hyperlinked, so please copy and paste it into your email). For proper routing of your haiga, please put 'haigaonline' in your subject heading.

Linda Papanicolaou, Editor

Modern English Tanka - Winter 2008 Out - Submission Call for Spring 2009

MET 10, Winter 2008, has been published in print and digital editions. The print edition and the PDF ebook will be on sale the first week of January. The HTML version is posted online at This new issue includes 86 poets and is crammed full of wonderful new work. Check it out now!

Modern English Tanka

Issue Vol. 3, No. 3. Spring 2009

You are invited to submit tanka for the Spring 2009 issue of Modern English Tanka. The submission deadline is February 15, 2009. (Submissions will NOT close earlier than the deadline. )

Modern English Tanka is a quarterly journal—a print literary journal, a PDF ebook, and a digital online magazine—dedicated to publishing and promoting fine English tanka (including tanka written in cinquain and cinqku set forms). We are interested in both traditional and innovative verse of high quality and in all serious attempts to assimilate the best of the Japanese waka/tanka genres into a continuously developing English short verse tradition. In addition to
verse, we publish articles, essays, book notes & reviews, interviews, letters to the editor, etc., related to tanka.

MET specializes in single tanka but tanka in sets and sequences will be considered as well. Collaborative tanka sequences are generally not wanted but may be considered. The five-line criterion is generally definitive for tanka. MET will consider variant forms on an
individual basis (like everything else!). Serious poetry and adult themes are appreciated.

Doggerel and anything that is pornographic or in any way nasty, hateful, bigoted, or partisan political, will not be accepted. All such judgments will be made at the sole discretion of the editor.

Previously unpublished work, not on offer elsewhere, is solicited.

Email* up to 40 tanka, or email articles, reviews, essays, letters to the editor, etc., to the Editor at

Include this personal information with your email submission:

SUBJECT LINE: "Modern English Tanka submission - [Your Name]"


1. Name.
2. Email Address.
3. Bio sketch (75 words max. No live links are published online.)
Include your residential location: [City, State/Province] Country.
4. Age—check this box IF YOU ARE UNDER 16: [ ]—Younger than 16.
5. Submission: 1 to 40 poems

*Before submitting, please read the detailed submission guidelines on the website at

Modern English Tanka looks for top quality tanka in natural, modern English idiom.

No payment for publication. No contributor copies. Publishes a print edition (6" x 9" trade paperback) plus a PDF ebook and an online HTML digital edition.

Thank you for sharing this call widely.


Denis M. Garrison, Editor

Michael McClintock, Contributing Editor

Modern English Tanka
Baltimore, Maryland USA