Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Issue of AUTUMN LEAVES (Open Call).

Autumn Leaves
A Twice-Monthly Online Poetry Journal

It is below freezing and the wind blows strong against the window. There is grey ice on the lake, reflection of a twilit sky. Mario threw some bread out on the frozen ground earlier today, and some squirrels came to eat them. The squirrels are always hungry this time of the year, stealing and eating one another’s acorns. We spent part of the Christmas holidays in western Maryland, where we enjoyed walking by frozen lakes and through snow covered trees in wind chills of sometimes below -40 degrees. We also visited a couple of houses designed by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Then we spent a couple of days with our young grandchildren.

The January 1, 2009 issue is now in cyber space. Autumn Leaves is now into its 13th year of publication, and attracts literally thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of readers every issue.

You can find the newest poems at

And, everyone, have a wonderful 2009!

Sondra Ball
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