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Bench Press Releases LIGHTLY IN THE GOOD OF DAY Poems by Bob Hart

by Bob Hart
(Bench Press, September 2010)
6x9, perfect bound, 84 pages, $15.00

Publisher/editor Jee Leong Koh, Bench Press and author/poet Bob Hart will launch Lightly in the Good of Day, a new collection of poetry by Bob Hart, this September at the Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village, New York. This will the second title released by Bench Press, after its inaugural Equal to the Earth, a full-length collection by Jee Leong Koh, released last summer. And a second book for Bob Hart who has a previous small book of poems titled Acrobat

Bob Hart,  a beloved and long-time regular at the Friday night open mic at the Cornelia Street Cafe, has been regaling New York audiences with his wistful and lyrical verse for decades.  An observant and thoughtful writer, his poetic confessions at the open mic are more revelatory of the world around him than of himself.   Hart grew up in Harlem, on 145th Street, 142nd Street and 158th Street. He served in the army from 1952 to 1954, and was stationed in Germany during the Korean War.  He now works for a mail sorting company in Midtown West, and lives in Brooklyn, often sporting one of his many colorful trademarks vests. 

Friday, Sep 17 at 6:00PM
SON OF PONY Kat Georges, host
The Friday night legendary open mic poetry series
The Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street
(Between Bleecker & West 4th) 
New York, NY 10014
Arrive before 6 pm to sign up.
Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

For more details about Bench Press and Lightly in the Good of Day by Bob Hart please visit:

poetry that exerts pressure at every point, and so achieves a momentary rest

Valery Oisteanu remembers LOUISE BOURGEOIS (1912-2010)

Louise Borgeois

Louise Bourgeois (1912-2010)
by Valery Oisteanu

Sculptures are almost melting, crying of loneliness
Aggressive ecstasy and malicious joy
Gigantic spiders stand still, in a frozen position
The spider-mother had passed into infinity
Mirrors reflecting other mirrors, as a portal
The old doors that were never opened
Her octagonal room a sequence of doors
Move slowly, almost invisible, closing opening
Two dark limbs are chopped off
And lay there on a slab of dark granite
The grand dame of Confessional art
With the dark latex phallus under her arm
Talks to Freud and Lacan, May 31, 2010
Something dark and uneasy about her
Her head appears like a surreal house
No eyes but windows, no face but steps
A garden of phalluses grows under her
She will harvest them on a full moon
Eccentric, sadistic, abstract-geometric
Totemic, Iconic, Ironic
All of that and much more
The Louise we knew, will not return.
Maman, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.

The Spider is an ode to my mother. She was my best friend. Like a spider, my mother was a weaver. My family was in the business of tapestry restoration, and my mother was in charge of the workshop. Like spiders, my mother was very clever. Spiders are friendly presences that eat mosquitoes. We know that mosquitoes spread diseases and are therefore unwanted. So, spiders are helpful and protective, just like my mother.
– Louise Bourgeois

Louise Joséphine Bourgeois, French-American artist and sculptor, nicknamed the "Spiderwoman" for her spider structures or Maman, died of heart failure on 31 May 2010 at the age of 98. She is credited as the founder of "confessional" art, best known for her disturbing and symbolic sculptures exploring birth, sexuality and death from a woman's point of view.

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The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow No. 3: Now Available on

The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow No. 3

ISBN 978-0-557-58376-8
Paperback: 232, Price: $15
Red Wheelbarrow Poets,  August 2010


Editor: Jim Klein
Managing Editor: Mark Fogarty
Managing Editor: Sondra Singer Beaulieu
Designer: Claudia Serea
Editor Advisor: John Barrale
Editor Advisor: Céline Beaulieu
Editor Advisor: George DeGregorio

Contributors (in alphabetical order):

John Barrale
Céline Beaulieu
Sondra Singer Beaulieu
Marian Calabro
Teresa Carson
George DeGregorio
Gil Fagiani
Jane Fisher
Mark Fogarty
Elissa Gordon
Max Greenberg
Roxanne Hoffman
Pamela Hughes
Josh Humphrey
Gail King
Jim Klein
Melanie Klein
Janet Kolstein
Joel Lewis
Maria Lisella
Pete Loria
Zorida Mohammed
Michael O'Brien
Moira O'Brien
Tony Puma
Gabriella Radujko
Susan Rappaport
Susanna Rich
Dan Saxon
Claudia Serea
Ed Smith
Rosemarie S. Sprouls
Anna Toher
John J. Trause
Miyuki Tsurumaki
David Vincenti
B.J. Ward
Dorinda Wegener
Don Zirilli
Sander Zulauf

William Carlos Williams Poetry Cooperative of Southern Bergen County
Poetry in Rutherford

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
7:00 PM




Celebrating the Release of the Third Edition of

Plus the work of
presented by JOEL LEWIS


Open Readings from the floor

This program is held at:

Williams Center for the Performing Arts
One Williams Plaza
Rutherford, NJ 07070
Tel: (201) 939-6969
Fax: (201) 939-0843 

Call the Rutherford Public Library at 201.939.8600 for more information.

Friday, August 20, 2010





RUTHERFORD, August 20, 2010 — A remarkable collection of 42 poets connected with the Rutherford, NJ poetry revival gives voice to memorable poetry and essays in the third edition of The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow.

Published by the Red Wheelbarrow Poets, this third annual edition of the literary journal celebrates the epic in the local and poetic voices in the American grain that so inspired William Carlos Williams, Rutherford's hometown doctor and poet, whose liberation of the voice of the common man (and woman) in poetry was a true revolution in words during the last century.

"Dr. Williams was a one-man vortex who continues to inspire the many fine poets who live in Rutherford or come here to take part in its many poetry readings, workshops, symposia, and literary journal," said Jim Klein, editor of the book and leader of the Red Wheelbarrow Poets.

"All of the poets in The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow have a deep connection with the town," said Klein. "Either they have participated in the Red Wheelbarrow Poets' weekly poetry workshop, now in its fourth year, or the monthly readings at the Williams Center, sponsored by the William Carlos Williams Poetry Cooperative, or the monthly readings at GainVille Café hosted by the Red Wheelbarrow Poets."

"We have scored another coup by publishing two rare and perhaps previously unpublished works by Williams," said managing editor Mark Fogarty. "Jane Fisher, director of the Rutherford Public Library, graciously allowed me to look through the library's Williams Collection, and we came up with a short typed memoir of Paris by the doctor and a handwritten letter and introductory fragment of a poem Williams worked on in the first decade of the 1900s."

"Our featured poet this year, Kathy Kuenzle, is a Rutherford native now living in Providence, RI who has made a "return of the native" to Rutherford in the past couple of years," said managing editor Sondra Singer Beaulieu. "Her exciting work comes both from her Rutherford period and her later years in Providence." Kuenzle's poetry has just been issued by the Rutherford-based White Chickens Press in the volume A Dress Full of Holes.

Keeping up the Williams theme, the book also features four essays on the poet, adapted from presentations made at the monthly Williams Center readings, as well as a review of a new book of Williams' correspondence with his brother. There is also a memoir of the North Jersey poetry scene by Hoboken poet and critic Joel Lewis.

The journal will be launched on Sept. 1 at 7 PM at the Williams Center, at the Williams Poetry Cooperative reading run by poet John J. Trause and Fisher. Copies of it will be available for sale that night, and many of the poets in the journal will read from it during the evening. The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow is also available online at and will be available through before the end of the year.


# # #

C/O Roxanne Hoffman
533 Bloomfield Street - 2nd Floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030

POETS WEAR PRADA is a small press based in Hoboken, New Jersey devoted to introducing new authors through limited edition, high- quality chaplets, primarily of poetry.

New press, great authors, a publisher who is one miracle short of sainthood.-Angelo Verga, Poetry Curator of The Cornelia Street Cafe

Poets Wear Prada is a poetry publishing house with excellent poets and affordable books with beautiful covers. Have you had your poetry today?-Meredith Sue Willis, Books for Readers

Stylistically, these beautifully designed and produced chaplets bear their own distinctive signature.-Linda Lerner, Small Press Review

Proud Member of CLMP

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Hint Fiction Writing Contest - Great Prizes - No Entry Fee

Gotham Writer's Workshop Announces

DEADLINE: October 11, 2010

Great Prizes - No Entry Fee
Gotham Writers' Workshop invites you to enter our Hint Fiction 25-Word Story Writing Contest. Entry is free and easy.

For this competition, Gotham welcomes the expertise of Robert Swartwood, editor of Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories of 25 Words or Fewer (to be published in November by W.W. Norton). Mr. Swartwood will select the winner from the finalists in this competition.

What is Hint Fiction? Here's Swartwood's definition:

Hint Fiction (n): a story of 25 words or fewer that suggests a larger, more complex story.


Submit your unpublished 25-word story to our competition and you could win:

•10-week writing workshop ($420 value)
•$100 USD
•One-year subscription to The Writer
•Publication of your winning entry in Gotham's Winter 2011 course catalog
•Bragging rights


To enter, just complete the online entry form. Limit one entry per person.

What are you waiting for? Enter today!

Reprinted from Gotham Writers' Workshop's 08/10/2010 GothamGRAM.

Just in case you have difficulty opening the link for the online entry form here it is to cut and past:

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Call For Submissions: Thanksgiving Mystery Anthology

Deadline: September 30
Call For Submissions: Thanksgiving Mystery Anthology

We are in the process of creating an anthology of short stories to be released on November 1st as a Thanksgiving release.

This anthology is designed to be a humorous mystery anthology. Only mysteries with a definite humor angle to them will be accepted or considered. What we’re looking for are stories geared around the most popular Thanksgiving dishes: turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, etc.. As long as it’s a regularly-featured food at Thanksgiving, we’re open to how you work it in. Please note that it is unlikely we will publish multiple stories of the same food (i.e.: no two stories where pumpkin pie is featured).

As this is a short story anthology, submissions need to be between 3500-5000 words in length. We may be willing to accept longer works depending on the content. Previously published material is ok for submission providing that all electronic rights have reverted to the author. Stories that have been published previously need to be notated as such, along with the information as to where it first appeared.

The intention is to release each short story as its own release under our existing Fingerprints short story line, but there will also be an all-in-one edition at a lower price than purchasing the stories individually to encourage readers to pick up the entire anthology.

Editor-In-Chief Jay Hartman will serve as Editor for this anthology.

Deadline for submissions is September 30th, 2010. Email submissions ONLY, and they MUST be in DOC format, Times New Roman, 12pt. Submissions received that are not in this format will be deleted. Please include the word “Thanksgiving” in your subject line. All stories should be sent to submissions at untreedreads dot com. Submissions sent to other email addresses will not be recognized.

If an insufficient amount of usable entries are received, this anthology may be withdrawn, and such withdrawal will be announced no later than September 15th.

Please repost/cross-promote this Call with fellow authors/blogs/lists, etc..

Questions regarding this Call should be directed to Editor-In-Chief Jay Hartman at jhartman at untreedreads dot com.

Submission Guidelines for the Pain/Pleasure Anthology

Deadline: October 1, 2010
Theme: Pain/Pleasure

Editor Jane Callan is looking for stories of 5,000 word length (you can go slightly over but you won’t be paid more) about the concept of the twin emotions of pain and pleasure. The submissions must be full (the story complete) and emailed to jane at gmail dot com by October 1, 2010 as an MS Word Attachment with the subject line: "Pain/Pleasure Anthology Submission."

The submission can be, generally, anything with a strong erotic content. There is no limitation on genre. I definitely want a lot of variety such as m/m, femdom, diversity in characters. The work can have been published on your website but it cannot have been sold in publication.

Payment is $500 for each contracted submission with .25% royalty in exchange for world digital, audio and print rights. 

Jane Callan is a long time romance reader whose passion is, you guessed it, reading. She's currently loving contemporary authors like Sarah Mayberry and Kristan Higgins but her first love will always be the historical. Some of her old time favorites are Amanda Quick and Johanna Lindsey and some of the new favorites are Sherry Thomas, Joanna Bourne and Claudia Dain. You can reach Jane by emailing her: jane at dearauthor dot com. You can follow Jane on twitter: @jane_l.

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Diva Anthology: Seeking Poetry about Female Icons by Gay Men

Deadline October 1, 2010. For the follow-up to My Diva, the Lambda-nominated essay anthology. Looking for poems (1-2 pages in length) that explore the relationship between strong female icons and gay men. Looking for all kinds of DIVAS: singers, actresses, comics, chefs, politicians, writers, visual artists, athletes, scientists, fashion models … Broadway, Opera, Country, fictional, religious, and mythic figures … Already have many standards but would love to see women like Bea Arthur, Frida Kahlo, Gertrude Stein, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Jackie O., Dolly Parton, even characters like Miss Piggy. But open to ideas. Please send poem and a 2-3 sentence bio by October 1, 2010 to Michael Montlack at mikemont17 at hotmail dot com with “DIVA POETRY ANTHOLOGY” in subject line.

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