Monday, October 20, 2008

GotPoetry October 2008 TANKA Contest Deadline Nov 5
October 16th

The staff and administrators of
are pleased to announce the October 2008

Tanka Contest


Please only submit only one tanka, no renga senryu or haiku. Both traditional 5-7-5-7-7 syllabic form and shorter versions are welcome. The poem should be written specifically for the contest.

It may not be published in the finished section (or anywhere else) until after the winners have been announced.

The whole staff or families of staff are not eligible for this competition.

Not following these rules will lead to disqualification.

Please submit your entry to Mamta ( in a private message via (free to register) no later than midnight Eastern Standard time on November 5th. Please use the subject line "tanka contest" for your submission. You will receive a message from me with your entry quoted confirming your submission.

Winners will be announced on November 15th.

*The first place winner will receive 100 karma points. The second place winner will receive 75 karma points and the third will receive 50 karma points.

* Each winner will receive an official Got Poetry badge which indicates their accomplishment by the rank. The badge may be displayed on myspace, facebook, websites, or blogs to link directly to the winning poem here at Got Poetry.

* Also, the winners will enjoy a new status within the community. They will be invited to a new exclusive club called the "winner's circle" where they will enjoy a unique set of privileges and perks.



A tanka is a five-line poem that evokes a single moment with vivid precision and emotional veracity. To find out more visit

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AMAZE The Cinquain Journal 2007 Print Annual Now Available on Lulu

AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal
2007 Annual
Deborah P. Kolodji, Editor
Lisa Janice Cohen, Webmaster
ISSN: 1935-8849
Mission Ghost Press
Temple City, California, USA
6"X9" 144 pp. Perfect Binding, B&W Interior Ink

The 2007 Print Annual for Amaze: The Cinquain Journal is now available at Lulu:

It contains all of the poems from the 2007 online quarterly issues.

Also, I'm pleased to announce the winners of the second Adelaide Award. The Adelaide Award was created last year to highlight examples of cinquain excellence after an idea Brian Strand posted to this list.

This year's Adelaide Award was again judged by Denis Garrison, the former editor and co- founder of Amaze: The Cinquain Journal. All cinquains published in Amaze during 2007 were eligible.

The winners are:

First Place - The Adelaide: 'Sea Sounds' by Carol Raisfeld ($15, certificate, copy of print journal)

Second Place - 'Lipstick' by Lucille Gang Shulklapper ($10, certificate)

Third Place - 'Apprenticed' by Ross Polvnick ($5, certificate)

The other winners all receive certificates:

Fourth Place: 'At the Boarding Gate' by Bob Lucky
Fifth Place: 'Railroad out of bondage' by Rich Magahiz

Honorable Mentions:

'Galactic Lullaby' by Michael L. Evans
'Long Ago' by Terra Martin
'Shipwrecked' by John Daleiden'

Honorable Mentions – Variant Forms

Mirror Cinquain: 'Song of the Muse' by Michael L Evans
Crown Cinquain: 'Poet Without Border' by Hortensia Anderson
Cinquain Butterfly: 'Whispers at the Window' by Naia

Denis has written a very nice write-up about these poems, which is included in the 2007 Print Annual. It can also be read here:

The rest of Issue #15 should be online soon. We needed to move the Amaze webpages to a new webhost.

Warm regards,


Deborah P. Kolodji, Editor

Lisa Janice Cohen, Webzine

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

RATTLE e.5 & Call for Submissions

Dear Friends,

I hope you’re having a happy fall. I’m writing now for a couple reasons—first to announce the release of our new supplemental newsletter. RATTLE e.5 is a 26-page PDF, downloadable on our website, that contains content that didn’t fit in this winter’s print issue.

Included are two book features—a selection of poems from Carol V. Davis’s Into the Arms of Pushkin, and David James’ Trembling in Someone’s Palm. In the essay section, Andrew Kozma explores the chapbook form, and David Alpaugh asks the question, “What’s Really Wrong with Poetry Book Contests?”—a must-read for anyone sitting on a manuscript. At the end of the e-Issue is a preview of the winter print issue, which features a tribute to Cowboy & Western poetry, and interviews with Robert Pinsky and Natasha Trethewey.

You can download the e-Issue by clicking this link: (1.2MB pdf) (If the link doesn’t work, you can paste it into you browser, you just go to and click on the banner at the top of the page.)

This is always a good time in our production cycle to announce upcoming calls for submissions, and we also wanted to let you know what we’ll be looking for in the coming year.

Next summer’s issue, #31, will feature work by African-American poets. If you’re a poet of African-American descent, send us your poems and essays by February 1st.

Next winter, issue #32 will be focusing on the sonnet in all its forms—perfect to ragged, Petrarchan to invented. Deadline: August 1st, 2009.

But don’t forget that less than half of the poetry in each issue is focused on the theme—the rest is open to any style, subject matter, or poet. We always enjoy reading submissions, and accept them by email and hardcopy, year-round, so never hesitate to send us work.

Visit for guidelines.

That’s it from us. We hope you enjoy this little electronic bonus, and thank you, always, for your support.

Best wishes,


Timothy Green
12411 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

Masthead 11: the Poetryetc Special Issue.

P o e t r y e t c : P o e m s a n d P o e ts
Edited by
Andrew Burke and Candice Ward
an e-book designed by
Peter Ciccariello
With poems from:
Rachel Loden • Martin Dolan • Kenneth Wolman • Renée Ashley • Patrick McManus • S.J. Litherland • Nathan Hondros • Sheila E. Murphy • Tina Bass • Trevor Joyce • Kasper Salonen • Larissa Shmailo • Halvard Johnson • Sally Evans • Glen Phillips • Mark Weiss • S.K. Kelen • Stephen Vincent • Tad Richards • Barry Alpert • Martin J. Walker • Jim Bennett • Gerald Schwartz • Peter Riley • Robin Hamilton • David Bircumshaw • Candice Ward • Peter Howard • Joanna Boulter • Jill Jones • John Kinsella • Randolph Healy • Bob Marcacci • Liz Kirby • Max Richards • Andrew Burke • Peter Larkin • Cindy Lee • Caleb Cluff • Douglas Barbour • Árni Ibsen • Janet Jackson • Lawrence Upton • Heather Taylor • Roger Collett • Peter Ciccariello • Harriet Zinnes • John Tranter • Sharon Brogan • Frederick Pollack • Pierre Joris • Alison Croggon

Masthead 11: the Poetryetc Special Issue.

This issue comes with a mea culpa. I have long neglected this site. They (whoever they are) claim that the road to hell is paved with good intentions: if I haven't quite reached hell, this and this and this have ensured that Masthead has suffered badly from good intentions for about two years. Which means I'm probably getting quite warm.

Last year, Candice Ward and Andrew Burke began to put together an anthology of poems by poets from a listserv called Poetryetc. And when I heard that this excellent project was languishing without a publisher, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to salve my conscience: ie, to put up a new issue without having to edit it.

Poetryetc is a lively and long-lived email discussion list. I was a member from 1997, when it was founded by John Kinsella, and was one of its many owners for six years. It feels pleasantly appropriate that this impressive and stimulating anthology of Poetryetc poets - an extremely diverse bunch from all over the world, ranging from the well known and widely published to the newly emerging - should find a home here. And I am very happy to contribute an introduction that briefly outlines Poetryetc's interesting and alarmingly productive history.

The anthology is available both online and as a downloadable e-book designed by Peter Ciccariello. Peter is also the featured artist, and this issue's cover image is his artwork "Anti-Poem".

Masthead 11: Poetryetc Special Issue

Alison Croggon
September 28, 2008