Monday, January 12, 2009


Gold Wake Press will present an electronic anthology on the theme, Identity.

Submissions are open.

Note: Single poems are accepted for this venture.


J Michael Wahlgren

* * *


We are currently in search of work on the theme, Identity. Think Identity in the broadest of sense. Each of us has a unique style. Or think specifically on the topic of identity. Submit to the below email address. Attachment preferred.


Gold Wake Press is nothing less than the sum of its parts. We strive for high quality poems in e-chap format. We convert RTF files to PDF using with 11pt Times New Roman Font. The current editor is J. Michael Wahlgren.

Submission should be sent as an attached RTF to “” We are currently in search of electronic chapbooks of 5 poems which are previously unpublished. Please familiarize yourself with the chaps we have published thus far; we are open to taking new direction to an extent. Yes, you can submit more than 5 poems. We would select 5 pages of material to suit an electronic chapbook. No, we do not accept simultaneous submissions. We should be the only ones the poems are submitted to at that time. We seek to be a branch to a chapbook or book. Therefore, if your poems are accepted, we only ask that they are noted.

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