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FU@K POETRY: Accepting Submissions

Mar 31, 2009 12:32 PM
Subject: Fu@k Poetry: accepting submissions

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Peace and poetry,

John Burroughs AKA Jesus Crisis

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Fu@k Poetry is a new periodical coming soon from Crisis Chronicles Press--and we're still accepting submissions. Folks have asked me what the guidelines are and there aren't any. As you can imagine, "Fu@k Poetry" can be taken a number of different ways--and I don't want every potential contributor to see it exactly as I do. Could be a paean to free speech... could be something you might not feel comfortable reading at Borders... might even be something some folks prefer to Charmin in the bathroom.... Anyway, we've got some excellent work by some excellent poets in issue one, and I'm still seeking a couple of pieces to finish out that volume. I won't attempt to describe what I'm looking for--not sure I could, anyway--but I'll know it when I see it. At the same time I'm also accepting work for issue two. Your submissions don't have to be poetry--could be art, a prose rant or anything else--though I might prefer it to be poetic. Send anything you like to jc at crisischronicles dot com. If your work is accepted, you will receive as payment one free copy of Fu@k Poetry per work (e.g. if we include two poems and one drawing by you, you'll receive three free copies). Included poets and artists retain all pre-and-post-publication rights to their work and grant me permission to publish it on this Crisis Chronicles website at some point. I don't mind if your work's already been published elsewhere--though I will make sure there is a healthy portion of never before seen work in each issue.

Meanwhile... because I've got a whole lot of excellent Cleveland poetry on video but have fallen dreadfully behind on editing and posting it, I've decided to make catching up on that as much as possible my priority this week. In the past few days I've added videos of three excellent poems to the Crisis Chronicles Online Library: "Drunken Walk Home" (by Steve Goldberg), "The Rabbit" (by Christopher Franke), and "The Last" (by T.M. Göttl). Many more are coming soon. Then next week I intend to return to Fu@k Poetry and finish up issue one, which I'm determined to have out by the end of April. Subsequent issues will be published either quarterly or semi-annually, as whim dictates and available time allows.

I'm very excited about this project! Thanks to everyone who's submitted so far - and everyone who's about to submit.

Peace and Poetry,
John Burroughs
(aka Jesus Crisis)

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