Monday, August 10, 2009

Susan Maurer's PERFECT DARK from Ungovernable Press

Lars Parm, Publisher/Editor of ungoverable press is pleased to announce the first full length collection of Susan Maurer's poetry, perfect dark, now available as a free to read and download e-book at

this book is unique in our catalogue in a couple of ways. it is a collection of poems written over a long period of time, something like 15 years, & it's the first (& last) manuscript i've received in hard copy with all the extra work that brings when you don't own a scanner. at times i feel i know this book by heart, which, as this is the book it is, is a good feeling

ungovernable press is looking for e-book manuscripts of among other things poetry, essays (NOT academic papers), crime stories & translations of either from living & consenting authors up to 40 pages as attachments to larspalm69ATgmailDOTcom with "submission your name" in the subject line.

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