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PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: A Literary Mag For Everyone Posts Updated Guidelines

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PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: A Literary Mag For Everyone

Mission Statement: Life as an artist is hard enough with all the rejection, so submit to our magazine, and promote the arts, and promote the words that make up the soundtrack to your life. Have the chance to have others hear your voice. We want to promote all those great writers that should be in print, and are not. Especially those who Push The Envelope with their writing. We want this to be a way for all of us to come together. We look for edgy, humorous, something with bite, and something that makes the reader think. We also want to publish new and upcoming writers. All works that get published in PTE will be decided by Kevin Michael Wehle and Brian Damian Sabbats.


DISCLAIMER: No one under the age of 18 should view this magazine for it contains adult, and graphic material.

All rights reserved. This magazine, or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form whether print, or electronic, without permission in writing from the publishers and/or authors.

Our Logo: An All Queer Boy Production

We accept: Poems,Short Stories, Songs

An online as well as paper issue

Two page paper issue: One page Kev's picks and one page Brian's picks

No payment for any work. This is for exposure only.


Fiction: No more then two pages. Only one story per submitter in each issue
Poetry: Any form 35 lines max. Submit 2-3 poems per issue
Songs: Submit 2-3 songs per issue


Co-Editors In Chief:
Brian Damian Sabbats
Kevin Michael Wehle

They choose what goes in, and their decisions are final.

First issue: Labor Day

Last page: Thank you and info. page. Page about the books from submitting poets that are being released, poetry reading, features, and publishing info.

We accept previously published poems, and simultaneous submissions.
Will e-mail you in about two weeks with an answer if we will use your work or not.
Any questions please email us.

We wish to invite you to submit your writing to us for consideration for inclusion in our first issue of PTE. We look forward to reading your work and responding to you.

Thank you,

Brian Damian Sabbats & Kevin Michael Wehle

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