Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PWP Announces DETAILED STILL by Karen Neuberg

DETAILED STILL by Karen Neuberg (PWP, 2009)
by Karen Neuberg
ISBN 978-0-9817678-6-4
(soft cover/18 pp.)
$8.00 (+ $1.50 S&H)
July 2009

"A trigonometry of sensation, a performance of hands” leads the reader through this sweeping, elegiac sequence of poems. And like Muybridge’s freeze-frames, this sequence slows the locomotion of regret and awe, allowing the reader to become witness to the mechanism of remembrance. These poems seem not written, but conjured, as if imprinted by a mind alive to the “tiny, Zen-bell voice,” insisting that questions reveal more than answers.
—DEAN KOSTOS, The Sentence That Ends with a Comma, and Last Supper of the Sense

Karen Neuberg’s marvelous accomplishment in DETAILED STILL is that each poem is like a tiny mirrored room that reflects and refracts experience, evoking all the complications of memory and desire. Her gift is to find the connection between feeling and thought; each poem takes place in a synapse between brain and body, curiously both abstract and concrete simultaneously. Time is this poet’s subject, and how desire is quickened or lost over time, and how we understand that only through memory. What a welcome debut this is for our American poetry.
—MOLLY PEACOCK, The Second Blush (WW Norton, 2008)

Karen Neuberg (Credit: Alan Neuberg)Photo Credit: Alan Neuberg
Karen Neuberg’s poems have appeared in several journals and anthologies including Barrow Street, 42Opus, Boxcar Poetry Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Louisville Review, Stirring, and Riverine, An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers (Codhill Press). A Pushcart and Best of the Net Nominee, she holds an MFA from the New School and is an associate editor for Inertia Magazine. She lives with her husband in Brooklyn, NY and West Hurley, NY.

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