Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Robin Glasser Announces Her New Book, My Life as a Concubine (PHAZE Books, June 2008)

MY LIFE AS A CONCUBINE by Robin Glasser (PHAZE Book, June 2008)
My Life as a Concubine
by Robin Glasser
PHAZE Books, June 2008

My Life as a Concubine is the lively account of a savvy, New York City woman, never married, not looking to be, who suddenly falls in love with a Frenchman. After several enchanting years together, Jean-Loup tells her that he must return to France. She is in a quandary—stay on the isle of Manhattan where she has work, friends and speaks the lingo or depart for Paris with the utterly adorable frog prince? There is one teensy-weensy problem—Jean-Loup hasn't asked her to go with him. When he finally pops the question, it certainly isn't the one she expects.

PHAZE Books specializing in Romantic and Women's Erotica

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