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The Winter 2010 Issue of Luciole Press is Published!

December 31, 2009
7:03 am

Clifford's Castle, by Mart Clayton. Winter Issue 2010.

The Winter 2010 Issue of Luciole Press is published!

Editor's Note
Winter Issue 2010

Hello to all readers,

2009 is now at an end, and many of us surely feel like it was akin to climbing up a hill like the one pictured above, in “Clifford’s Tower.” It has been a rich year in many ways, and I am thankful as a new decade is being ushered in – a rebirth that will no doubt continue to reveal riches across all fields of art and literary creation for everyone.

I remain resolute in working diligently and with a hopeful heart in order to make sure Luciole Press continues to present opportunities for readers and contributors alike to foster connections, communications, pleasure and understanding amongst all of us. I wish you all a bountiful new year filled with all you need to foment an ample and creative environment.

Luciole has been graced with many interesting new contributors this issue, including poets Elin Assarsson-Lod of Sweden, Jonaton Asbjørn Allin of Denmark, and Hadaa Sendoo of Mongolia. Offerings of art come from Anett Kilén Kennedy of Norway, Satya Möller of Sweden, and the Alida Ivanov Gallery of Stockholm, Sweden. We have two new poets from the United States, Eric Basso and William Crawford.

Stephen Page of Argentina offers a deep, insightful interview of Argentinian author Esther Cross.

I welcome back poets Aleksia Petko, David Smith, Kumari de Silva, Scott Wannberg, and Scott Owens, whose new book Paternity is available in February (congratulations!); photographers Andrea Folmer, Jeaneth Patricia Skagvold, and Mart Clayton; and Christine McClintock, whose searing portrait of a woman’s shelter in Colorado transcends all physical locations and takes us into the heart of humanity in need.

Dena Rash Guzman’s final installment of her travel series to Thailand concludes a colorful adventure… where to next, Dena? :)

S.A. Griffin has created The Poetry Bomb, which is seeking submissions. Visit the page to learn more about the exciting new project!

Ellyn Maybe has an exquisite new CD of her poetry, Rodeo for the Sheepish. I interviewed her, and reviewed Rodeo. Don’t miss it.

Tracy Lee Stum brings us her experiences traveling to India as both a street artist and teacher of students eager to learn, courtesy of student organizers from IIT Kanpur and the American Center of the US Consulate in India. She also fills us in on her next big adventure, traveling to Vancouver and staying at the USA House during the Winter Olympics, where she will create a work of art commemorating US Olympic Hall of Famers! Cannot wait to hear all about it, Tracy.

Deb Scott shares her cedar waxwing bird-watching adventures in her lovely photos and essay, "Perhaps Once a Year, If I'm Lucky."

This issue truly is packed with wonderful abundance; may it help us start the year with creativity blossoming through the rebirth of not only the calendar, but of our endless potential for art.

Always my best,
Karen Bowles

Publisher and Editor

Celebrate the new year with the newly published Winter 2010 Issue of Luciole Press!

Table of Contents

ART --

-- Alida Ivanov Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Artwork by Allen Grubesic and John Rydberg
Grubesic: “Another Masterpiece, 2009”
“The Diary of Spoofy (getting smaller everyday), 2009”
“Delirium Tremens, 2009”
(photos by Katya Sandomirskaja)
Rydberg: “Allanrop, 2009”

-- Anett Kilén Kennedy, Norway: paintings

“Glass Transparencies,” “The Veil,” “The French Woman,”
“Window Seat,” “Rendez-vous au Jardin de Luxenbourg,”
“Silent Night,” “Lovers,” “Dog on the Run,” “On the Beach,”
“Paris in Sight,” “Blue Moon,” “Spanish Dancer,” “Dreamer,”
“Kneeling Nude,” “Baudelaire 4.- Series.”

-- Satya Möller, Sweden: The Peace Human Sculpture

“The Peace Human series” (on a plane, subway roof, by the
water, more), “Satya with Swedish Opera singer Caroline af
Ugglas,” “Around his neck,” “Satya on top of the airplane,”
“Satya fixing with them”

-- Tracy Lee Stum, USA: street painting workshops in India

Please check the Photography/Travel listing below


-- Christine McClintock, USA:
Just Another Day In Paradise - Homeless Women of Colorado


-- Scott Owens, USA: Paternity, to be released in February

-- Stephen Page, Argentina: An insightful interview with
Argentian author Esther Cross


A note from Editor Karen Bowles about all the
happenings behind the Winter Issue


Esmaa Self, USA: Column Organics: It's a Balance Thing


-- Andrea Folmer, USA: Joshua TreeLNational Park

-- Deb Scott, USA: Bird watching -- Cedar waxwings in Oregon

“Three waxwing juveniles,” “Pigeon (devil’s walking stick) tree,”
“Pigeon tree fruit,” “Cedar waxwing adult male”

-- Dena Rash Guzman, USA: Travel photo essay of Thailand and Shanghai

“Yellow for the King,” “Return to the Lamphu Treehouse Inn,”
“Wooden foot brigde,” “Elephant Man,” “Elephant,” “Elephant
Food,” “Thai Taxi,” “Skys Scraping”

-- Esmaa Self, USA: Colorado

“Reaching higher, though the days are short,” “Thriving between
rocks and a hard place,” “Shining the light”

-- Jeaneth Patricia Skaugvold, Norway: Ireland and Norway

“Reflections,” “Self portrait,” “Dublin,” “Kira,” “Chimney View”

-- Karen Bowles, USA: California

“Winter Night,” “Screened Sunset,” “Dish of Rain”

-- Mart Clayton, UK: York, England

“Clifford’s Tower,” “Millenium Bridge,” “Wiping Snow off the
Tyburn,” “York Minster,” “Houseboats on the Ouse,” “Winter
sky fishing,” “The Hospitium, Museum Gardens”

Tracy Lee Stum, USA: India

“Antaragni 09,” “Teaching,” “Students,” “Catwoman,”
“Hai,” “Hyderabad,” “Rickshaw,” “Skip on the chair,”
“Workshop 1,” “Workshop 2,” “Camels,” “Pushkar,”
“Kolkata,” “With Hemant Gupta”


-- Aleksia Petko, USA: "DAMP,” “Disconnect"

-- David Smith, USA: "A Cow-Puncher’s Chance”

-- Elin Assarsson-Lod, Sweden: ”press repeat och hold your horses”
Versions in original Swedish and translated into English

-- Ellyn Maybe, USA: New CD: Rodeo for the Sheepish
Interview, and CD review, on the pages with the CD title

-- Eric Basso, USA: "The Meeting,” “Windows”

-- Hadoo Sendoo, Mongolia: "New Year’s Eve,” “Memories”

-- Jonatan Asbjørn Allin, Denmark: "Love Hadron Collider”
“The day that all the leopards died in front of blind and busy eyes”

-- Karen Bowles, USA: "Winter Crisp,” “Breath,” “It rained so hard”

-- Kumari de Silva, USA: "Ground Breaking” “Better Safe then Sorry”
“How to Say Anything to Anyone”

-- Scott Wannberg, USA: “Regret City doesn’t live here anymore”
“the kindness of buffalos”

-- Scott Owens, USA: "Steps,” "Manners"

-- S.A. Grffin, USA: The Poetry Bomb is now accepting submissions

-- William Crawford, USA: “That Time I Stopped Breathing, Beside You,
In My Sleep” (for Kimberly)


Deb Scott, USA: "Perhaps Once a Year, If I’m Lucky “


Pär Strömberg, Sweden -- Artist

Check out his work and his blog


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