Friday, December 18, 2009

MÖBIUS, THE POETRY MAGAZINE 27th Anniversary Edition is Out!

MÖBIUS, THE POETRY MAGAZINE, 27th Anniversary Edition
Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Editor in Chief/Publisher is pleased to announce MÖBIUS, THE POETRY MAGAZINE, 27th Anniversary Edition - 2009, Volume XXIV.

This year's edition includes among it's many gifted and talented contributors such notables as: Valerie Martin Bailey, Robert Bly, Cornelius Eady, Ed Galing, Dianela Gioseffi, Jean Hull Herman, Maurice Kenny, Esther Leiper, Linda Lerner, Lyn Lifshin, Norma West Linder, Julio Marzan, Tom McKeown, B.Z. Niditch, Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, Ruth O'Callaghan, Anthony Oldknow, Simon Perchik, Marge Piercy, Hal Sirowitz, Stephen Stepanchev and Susan Terris.

Additionally work by several friends of Flor grace its pages:

Dominick Arbolay
Mary Elizabeth Clark
Diana Festa
Robert Ghiradella
Deborah Hauser
Roxanne Hoffman
Carl Kavadlo
Ed Bok Lee
Erica Mapp
Mary Orovan
Linda Rothstein
Maria Sassi

as well as the late Pud Houston.

MÖBIUS, THE POETRY MAGAZINE has been named a "best pick" 2007, 2008 & now 2009 by Small Magazine Review.

More information about how to order your copy and how to submit to next year's edition can be found at:

Coinciding with this year's release we would like to announce and congratulate the Dr. Zylpha Mapp Robinson International Poetry Award Winners:

First Prize: Esther Leiper - “Of Souls & Shadows” -- $300 & Audiobook: Poetry Among The Flowers: Queens Meets Asia by Juanita Torrence-Thompson (See newspaper article here).

2nd Prize: Dan Knapp - “Everything But One” -- $50 & Audiobook

1st Honorable Mention: Edward Fisher - “Heiroglyph”
-- Audiobook & Certificate

2nd Honorable Mention: Maria Sassi - “The Flying Children Of March 7, 2007”
3rd Honorable Mention: Judith Veder - “The Tailor: For Half A Century”
-- Audiobook & Certificate

2nd Merit Award: Lynn Cooper - “Expectations”
3rd Merit Award: Diane Elayne Dees - “Two Pictures”
-- Audiobook & Certificate

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