Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chanticleer Launches OL' CHANTY On-Line Mag

OL' CHANTY - Chanticleer Magazine Online

Ol’ Chanty is the new website of the old Chanticleer Magazine, which has now been discontinued. The aim of this website is to publish poetry, essays, short stories, novel excerpts, criticism and what ever else comes our way that we deem worthy of the world’s attention. Ol’ Chanty would like to continue the tradition of Chanticleer Magazine, which called itself “A Magazine Of Poetry And Ideas – Not Necessarily In That Order.” Therefore Ol’ Chanty will also include a blog (Chatbox) in which the editor – or anyone else – can sound off on any issue which stimilates them to say something interesting – within certain limits of course.

Chanticleer Magazine acquired the reputation of being an against the grain, ‘underground’ magazine which took a certain pride in being different from most other magazines. It received a lot of warm praise from various quarters, as well as some scathing criticism. One reviewer even described it as the most irritating poetry review journal he had surveyed to date. (Kudos indeed!) Ol’ Chanty will do its best to continue this proud and noble tradition.

Chanticleer Press, which used to publish Chanticleer Magazine, now only publishes chapbooks and ‘proper’ books (in limited handmade editions). Details of these publications can be found elsewhere on the website.

Issue 22 (the previous paper issue was 21, so this might also be considered to be 22 ) contains:

Poem - Karen Margolis

Short Story - Ian MacFadyen

Poems - George Held

Shards - John Bennett

Essay and Translations - Thomas Ország-Land on Miklós Radnóti

Poems - David Waddilove

Poem - R. D. Armstrong

Short Story - Hugh Fox

Poems - Arthur Coleman

Essay - Richard Livermore on Lorca’s Politics

Poems - A. D. Winans

Essay-Review - Richard Livermore on Jeremy Reed’s Genet

Review - Richard Livermore on Louise Landes Levi’s Banana Baby

Submissions, queries and comments can be made using the on-line form found on our Contact page. You can also join our mailing list there.

Finally, the editor hopes that all who visit these pages enjoy what they read.

Richard Livermore – Editor

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