Saturday, October 17, 2009

DOGZPLOT Seeks Fiction Full of Magic


That's right. MAGIC. For the Winter 2010 issue we are looking for FICTION submissions full of magic. This can mean anything really, magical realism, magic tricks, drug addicted failure magicians, surrealism, absurdity, hoaxes, spoofs, cartoons, mythology, urban legends, supernatural oddities, superheroes, Willy Wonka type shit. Let's see what you got.

Please send all submissions to: with the word MAGIC in the subject line.

(If you have fiction pending with us currently and have not heard back as of 10/16 please be aware that you're stories are not being considered for Winter 2010. Sorry for the inconvenience. )

FLASH FICTION (200 words or less) -

FICTION (612 words or more) -





Please include your name and type of submission in the subject line.

Please send submissions as a .doc or .rtf attachment, .jpeg for art.
Flash fiction: 200 words or less

Fiction / Non-fiction: 612 words or more.

Poetry: Short, precise, no epics. Send no more than three.

Interviews: Please contact us if you would like to be interviewed.

Response time is never longer than 2 weeks. Multiple submissions and simultaneous submissions are fine.

We reserve the right to keep your work in our archives and use it in print if we feel like it.

We will make small editorial changes if we deem them necessary.

We can not pay you.

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