Monday, October 19, 2009

Call for Spring 2010 Raintown Review

Spring 2010 submissions for the Spring 2010 Raintown Review

In short, we're looking at submissions for the spring issue. If you would, please double-check our guidelines, and if you have work that would (or even may) fit the mold, send it our way. Full guidelines can be found at

Looking forward to seeing your work!

Quincy R. Lehr
Associate Editor, The Raintown Review

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What We Want

Poetry: We are more interested in metrical works, including well-rendered blank verse, sonnets of every variety, villanelles and triolets. End rhyme is neither a crime nor a requirement. We accept previously published poetry. [Samples of what we like can be found at]

Prose: No previously published prose except by invitation. We are always interested in literary criticism and interviews with major poets, especially concerning the genesis of a particular poem. Any prose we accept will have to be written well enough and be of such import that we can't refuse to publish it.

Submission Guidelines:

Please Note: Acceptance is for an upcoming issue, but not necessarily the next issue.

  • Please submit 3-5 poems in the body of an email to Anna Evans, Editor, at
  • Please query the editor via email at regarding submission of prose as described above. Please include the first paragraph or two in the body of the email.
  • The editors make every effort to insure that each submission receives a fair evaluation. To that end, we ask that you allow 10-12 weeks for a response.
  • We request that potential contributors send us no more than two submissions in a six-month period
  • Payment is one copy of the issue in which your work appears. (Subscribers will receive an additional copy.) Contributors may purchase additional copies for $7 each. Send payment to Central Ave Press (see address below).
  • The Raintown Review acquires first rights for publication. Upon publication, rights revert to the author. The Raintown Review reserves the right to nominate published work for awards or recognition.

John Oelfke
Publisher, Central Ave Press

Central Ave Press
2132A Central SE #144
Albuquerque NM 87106

The Raintown Review is one of the longest running print journals with a preference for formal/metrical poetry. Established in 1996 by Harvey Stanbrough, it began as a desktop-published chapbook style journal and has evolved into the perfect bound 100+ page journal of today. Other former editors include Patrick Kanouse and T.S. Kerrigan.

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