Monday, October 19, 2009

DANSE MACABRE Offers No Fee Contest: Deadline Turkey Day


We are happy to announce the opening of our 2009 prix d’écriture de Noël contest in both Fiction and Poetry.

Our contest is open to all and free to enter. Winning entries will receive:

- a gift set of 3 specially-selected stocking stuffers
- a stylish line item for your vitas
- seasonal bragging rights with your respective posses
- pride-of-place posting in our 13th issue, Weihnachtsmarkt (due Fri 4 Dec)

Fictioneers - 2500 words or less

Poets - Single poem submissions only, svp

Please header your submission with XMAS CONTEST. Also, please include both a seasonally-themed bio with your entry, and your complete land mail address in case your work wins this year's contest. Our Submissions Page is located @

DEADLINE - Thanksgiving Day

Last year's winners were Karima Alavi (Fiction) and Elizabeth I. Riseden (Poetry).


Adam Henry Carrière
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