Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mythica Publishing: Call for Short Story Anthology

Mythica Publishing
March 17, 2009

I'm delighted that Mythica Publishing have asked me to compile and edit a short story anthology to be published later this year. Another Time, Another Place will comprise approximately 10 - 12 tales which must all be thrillers and should be based in the future, whether it be one year from now or a thousand years ahead of our time. In short as writers you are able to use your imagination to the full and if necessary create a world to house your characters and the events that overtake them.

The maximum word count for the anthology is 4,500 words and the closing date for sumissions is the 30th May 2009. Anyone who wishes to submit to this exciting new project should send the story and a short (100 word or less bio), in Word.doc format as an attachment (no zip files please), to to arrive no later than the stated closing date. Royalties will be paid to those selected depending on the final number of authors to be included in the book. Further details will shortly be published on the Mythica website at

Brian L Porter

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