Wednesday, March 18, 2009

EWR Seeks Submissions for ENOUNCE

Every Writers Resource seeks submissions of poetry, spoken word poetry, and artwork for the new online publication Enounce.

We seek high quality work of poetry in written and audio format. We are a publication of voice and tone, imagination that is heard and felt in the words that carry it. We wish for work that moves us and our readers. Poetry on any subject will do, but go easy on the love, love, love, our sweet tooth is sensitive.

Rights: We will publish poetry that has appeared on the web in informal settings such as personal (owned and or operated by the author) blogs, tweets, myspace pages, facebook pages, and so on. We ask for one time limited publication rights where the work will not be altered (other than formatting). We do not accept written poetry that appears in other print or online journals or zines. We will accept written poetry that has appeared in a work by the author.

Audio: Send 1 to 2 audio submissions in .mp3 format only. It is okay if the poems have appeared in other publications in written format and as long as our publication of the work does not infringe on previous rights taken by a publication or company. We do not accept poetry that has been published in audio format in other publications other than personal publications.

Written: Send 3 to 5 poems that have not appeared in any other journal, zine or publication that is not owned/operated by YOU.

Artwork: Send us up to 5 pieces of artwork that have not appeared in any other online or print publication that is not owned an or operated by you.

Bio: Yes we want a bio. You will not judged on the bio, but we need some information to publish along with your poetry. You should send links you would like to promote. We will publish them with your work. If you want to have your email posted, please indicated so in your submission otherwise contact information will not be give.

Cover letter: Yes we like cover letters. We think they are fun to read. You don’t have to write a bunch, but don’t just send us a “Hey, this is my work, publish it.” Say something of interest, why you write, something about yourself, about your writing. Just a paragraph or two about something of interest.

Send all your submissions to:

Please put the words Enounce and submission in some order in the title. All questions can be directed to the same email.

Simultaneous submissions are of course okay, but make sure you email as soon as you get word your work has published elsewhere. Keep in mind our publication cycle though.

Publication cycle: We publish on a weekly sometimes daily basis.

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