Sunday, March 22, 2009

CONTRARY: Spring Issue and Call

Beloved readers and writers,

The spring issue of Contrary is sprung and there is, like spring, an emergent theme:


In "Girls on Bikes," Tracy Oliver (San Francisco) writes about three men: the man who leads her into the bushe when she's 7, the man who follows her when she's 17, and the man she marries.

Re'Lynn Jackson (Chicago) remembers the dreams she spun with a more-than-friend while gazing out the KFC's big pane window at the "City of the Million Lights."

In "Prepare to Believe," Dane Cervine (Santa Cruz, CA) takes his daughter on a journey to Kentucky's Creation Museum and into his own fundamentalist childhood.

FROM THE EDITOR: Poetry editor Shaindel Beers (Pendleton, OR) revisits the long-ago murder of a childhood friend.


In "Tales of the Devil's Wife: Our Children," Carmen Lau (Davis, CA) describes some challenges of raising Satan's spawn.

D.E. Fredd (Townsend, MA) observes the child who chooses silence, in "Silent Lambs"

Edward Mc Whinney (Cork, Ireland) writes of the poet's life in an attic garrett in Barcelona in an excerpt from his novel-in-progress, "Goya Street."

In "Salumiao," Paul Redman (Seattle) tells the life of a sausage maker and steel worker in Buffalo, NY, and in so doing, unveils a century.


The poems—description would not serve them as only reading them can: new work from Meredith Martinez, Gregory Lawless, and Kara Candito.


Reviews of new books by Robyn Schiff, Patrick Deeley, Elizabeth Diamond, Daniyal Mueenuddin, Lauren Groff, Achy Obejas, Jim Harrison, John Adams, Luara Miller, Wilhelmina Cole Holladay, and Thomas Ray Crowel and a lost classic, Winged Victory, by V.M. Yeates.

Also, our writers are making BOOKS like clouds make rain. Check our Bookshop to read about new books by Shaindel Beers, Kiki Petrosino, Grace Wells, and C.E. Chaffin. With more to come from Stephanie Johnson, Gregory Lawless and others.

SUBMISSIONS: Contrary accepts submissions only through the online form at Deadline for summer is June 1.



Happy Spring,

Jeff McMahon
Contrary Editor

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