Monday, January 25, 2010

PTE: Issue 2 Parts I & II Online

Kevin Whele & Brian Sabbats
Pushing The Envelope: Issue Two
New Year, New Desires, New Adventures With Writing


There is nothing more important to us than:


New York, Oregon, DC, California, Florida, Nevada, Georgia, Washington, New Jersey, Ireland, Italy, Halifax NS, and Claymont De....and others

“Fasten Your Seat Belts It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Read”
The Late, Great: Bette Davis "Yes even she is a fan from the great beyond"

Featuring Such Great Works As:

"The Prey Becomes The Wolf"
"Shakespeare’s Sonnet 23 And A Response By Roxanne Hoffman"
"The Fetish"
"Emmett Till"
"The Law Of The Lawn"
"My Imaginary Girlfriend"
"The Group Poem"
And Many More!

Letter From The Editors

Poetic Greetings,

Happy New Year! This is our second issue, and there were some who said this would never last. We are growing more everyday. We have a Facebook page, and finally a Website: We are loving every minute of this great undertaking. We took what we learned from the first issue, and made this issue bigger and better. We have even become a bit more computer savvy along the way. This time around has been a little less stressful, and we enjoy what we do very much, and can’t wait to work with our fellow writers in the third issue. We already have some very talented writers lined up.

We are very proud of all the writers in issue two. We have some old favorites, and a lot of new writers to enjoy. Returning authors include: Roxanne Hoffman, myself [Kevin Michael Wehle], Brian Damian Sabbats, Danny Garcia, Adam Henry Carriere, and Patricia Carragon. We also have some wonderful and very talented new comers to our pages. Donnie Gatto, Gina Delorenzo, Paul A. Toth, Fiorella Arrunategui, Bonnie Martha Moret, Maria Chisolm just to name a few. Also we have some art work in this issue. Some of it was include by the author of the pieces, and Anti-social submitted two pieces: “Burlesque,” and “The Vapors.” We also put together a group poem which is truly terrific, and there were about ten poets who helped make it a true beauty. All who grace the pages of issue two made this a wonderful experience, and a beautiful issue.

There was no theme for this issue, but we felt that one emerged as the submissions came in. This issue seemed to deal with love or desire for the most part. Although there are some works that just stood on their own. One of the best examples of desire is the story by Gina Delorenzo: “The Fetish.” This story blew us away. It has a great twist in it. That you have to read to find out what it is. It is truly worth the wait. There are two poems that come to mind that best represent love, and they are: Bonnie Martha Morét's “John’s Balcony”, and Roxanne Hoffman’s “Listen.” Each and every piece in this issue is great, and will make you feel. I hope you like it as much as we liked putting it together.

So sit back and relax. Get a cup of coco, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket, and enjoy!

xoxox Kevin And Brian :)

pushingtheenvelope09 at gmail dot com

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