Sunday, January 24, 2010


Employees Only - The Work Book
(Poet Plant Press, 2009)

31 authors and poets writing on the subject of work and the work experience.

A special myspace page has been set up for this project:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

As we get ready for the second and last printing of Employees Only - The Work Book, I want to let you know that I have approximately 100 copies left of the first printing.

64 pages
printer: Hugh Ward III / Classic Blends

There are three ways to purchase copies of the first printing:

1. Coffee Creations:
200 Cobblestone Drive
(in the Cobblestone Village, near Woody's Bar-B-Que)
St. Augustine, Florida 32084 USA

This coffee shop has copies available at 10 dollars each. Pay the cashier in cash. If you would like it signed, then please attend our open mic spoken word series on the last Sunday of any month in 2010. the reading begins at 3:00 and wraps up around five. Sign up is 15 minutes before start time or anytime online at

The place also sells ice cream treats and sandwiches. Chris S is the owner and they have a myspace page. He is also the drummer for Elizabeth Roth's band the Grapes of Roth.

We do business under this email:
poetplantpress at yahoo dot com

3. You can mail a check or concealed cash to Chris Bodor's home address, if you prefer. Email us for more information: poetplantpress at yahoo dot com

With Respect,

Chris Bodor, Editor
Poet Plant Press / 3 Pm

This anthology, edited by Chris Bodor for Poet Plant Press, is an attempt to tell the story of what it means to have to work for a living. The editor began his search for work on the subject of work in his backyard: St. Johns County, Florida. Then, he broadened the scope to include far away voices from San Pedro, Budapest, Sweden, and NY City, and beyond. Creative folks were invited by Bodor to send a poem, essay, or image that was created "on the clock" or on the job. Positive poems exploring memorable work experiences were also included in the mix.
(first printing, 64 pages/Classic Blends/ 150 copies):

FORWaRD by Wayne Mason
Between Misery and The Muse
FORWoRD by Chris Bodor
Marsh Stream of Conscience

Mike Daily - 6:26AM: A Play In One Act
Bobby Smith - The Work We Do
Mike Watt - The Lighthouse Keeper
Wayne Mason - All In A Days Work
Puma Perl - But What Do You Do?
Daniel Nester - On The Road Again
Aleathia Drehmer - Saints in Waiting
Patricia Carragon - The Designated Underpaid Office Manager

Section II – FULL TIME
Henry Denander - All My Jobs
Stevie Cenko - Foreclosed
Michael Henry Lee - Melville and Me
David Dannov - That's Our Educational System For You
Judith Westley - Train In The City
Joseph Goosey - While At Work
Dawn Corrigan - Clock Logging
Vic Swan - Grand Tetons to Motel 6

Karl Koweski

RD Armstrong
David Hill
Dennis Rush
James M. Wilson
Glenda Bailey-Mershon
Roger Geronimo
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Steve Seidenfeld
Charles Chaplin
t.kilgore spake

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September 2010 "The Love Book"

This year (2010) Chris Bodor will be collecting poems and images (black ink line art and photos) on the subject of love and relationships. Submissions will be reviewed from January 01 to June 01, 2010. Release date for this Poet Plant Press anthology will be Fall of 2010.

Guidelines: Please send up to five poems at a time on the subject of love and relationships. The good, the bad and the bed, and the ugly. A special myspace page has been set up for this project:

September 11, 2011 the author hopes to collect thoughts and feeling from the last ten years for a project called "Aftermath - 09/11/01 The First 10 Years."

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