Monday, May 18, 2009

THINK JOURNAL Now Accepts Email Submissions

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THINK JOURNAL is a quartely review of poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, and essays.

Submissions are welcome from rational thinkers who believe that words have meaning, and that when you deal with words, you are dealing with the mind. This journal is for those who Think. In order to do this, one must first have an I. The basic literary values that will be considered are: content and meaning; words that are logically conceived and arranged; evidence of an active imagination; structure; as well as the integration of emotional and intellectual facets. The central criterion for acceptance is merit, which will be judged based on two aspects: content and literary artistry.

"As the name might suggest, the poetry is formal, metered and carefully thought out, often dealing with classical or philosophical themes. The essays support the editorial stance. Yet the fiction (one story, one Chapter 1) is more slice-of-life."--Think Journal 1.1 Review in Iconoclast #101

Submission Guidelines
Always include a SASE with snail mail submissions. Cover letter and brief biography preferred. Please include your email address on the cover page for further communications. Include your name and address on each page of your submission.

Alternatively we now accept email submission adressed to: thinkjournal[at]yahoo[dot]com
Please include the following in the body of your email:
  • Your name, mailing address and email address.
  • A brief biography.
  • Your work copied and pasted into the body of the email. (No attachments, please.)

Format: Quarterly print literary journal.
Deadlines: Reads submissions year round.
Response Time: one or two months.
Publication Date: 6-12 months.
Payment: 1 contributor's copy.
Reprints: No previously published work.
Simultaneous Submissions: Please don't.
Rights: Revert to author upon publication.

Submit three to five pomes, no restrictions on lenghth. Interested in seeing longer poems.

Short Stories
Submit one story, 2,000 - 3,000 words (sometimes will consider longer it the space allows). Will not consider anything under 2,000 words, unless the piece can say everything it has to say in that amount of words.

Novel Excerpts
3,000 + words. Please send a summary of what the novel is about the general theme/purpose of the piece of work, and where the excerpt fits into the novel. Open to accepting a work in progress. Open to serializing.

Submit one or two essays, under 2,500 words on any intellectual topic.

Art Work
The journal will accept one original piece of art that will be printed in black and white only, and will be showcased on the front cover of each issue. Please mail a query letter first with samples. If your work is accepted, you will need to email the artwork as an attachment.

Letter to the Editor
The journal will publish one letter to the editor in each issue that comments on the previous issue, whether about an individual work or the issue as whole. Letters will onlu be accepted if appropriate, and respectful to the journal and the contributing artists.

Please be aware that upon acceptance, your work may be discussed in a forthcoming issue.

Christine Yurick, Editor
P.O. Box 454
Downingtown PA 19335

Think Journal is published by Reason Publishing LLC, and is supported by sponsorships from individuals. Founding editor Christine Yurick, an ambitious entrepreneur, also writes poetry and is currently working on her first novel.

Information about submissions and subscriptions can be found on Think Journal’s website, Inquiries, requests for guidelines and subscriptions can be sent to: Think Journal, Christine Yurick, Editor; P.O. Box 454, Downingtown PA 19335

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