Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The World According to Goldfish anthology submissions deadline: March 10, 2009

News from Goldfish Press!

Carpe Verbum - Seize the Word

Goldfish Press has created a fundraising project on behalf of Heifer International and we're excited that the proceeds of it's very first publication;

The World According to Goldfish

a Poetry Anthology is going to buy some cows!


What would be the better gift for someone? Another present that gathers dust on a shelf? Or a donation that represents a heifer and training in its care, that brings health and hope to struggling families around the world?

The concept is simple, every gift given multiplies, as the animal's first offspring is passed on to another family-then they also agree to pass on an animal, and so on.

A good dairy cow can produce four gallons of milk a day - enough for a family to drink and share with neighbors. Milk protein transforms sick, malnourished children into healthy boys and girls. The sale of surplus milk earns money for school fees, medicine, clothing and home improvements.

And because a healthy cow can produce a calf every year, every gift will be passed on and eventually help an entire community move from poverty to self reliance. Now that's a goal and a gift worth giving!

Please check back for updates!

Debra Marlar, Editor-in-Chief
500 E. Magnolia Avenue
Eustis, Florida 32726
Tel 352.589.4446
e-mail goldfishpress@yahoo.com

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Calling all Poets! Be a part of giving the gift to the World that keeps on giving! At our Submissions Page upload up to six (6) text only, original, never before published poems for us to consider and possibly include in the first poetry anthology to be published by Goldfish Press. Please note you will not be paid for the use of any selected poems in this fundraising project as the proceeds from the anthology will be donated to Heifer International. You will however be able to purchase the book upon its release.

Submissions Deadline: March 10, 2009

Goldfish Press has also recently added an Online Writers Workshop primarily for this project. Go here if you'd like to test-drive your work and receive valuable feedback from a talented group of peer writers and GFP Editors!

Learn More about Heifer International

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