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PERSPECTIVES Magazine: Winter Contest & Submission Call

Perspectives Magazine January 2009
Writer's Guideline

Who writes for PERSPECTIVES? New or published writers challenging their imaginative ability by giving inanimate objects human qualities. Observe and write about the world through an object’s perspective.

Submission Requirements

Describe the object's world using:

  • short stories (1st person POV)
  • poetry (you can submit many but send each one separately)
  • plays, interviews
  • illustrations (art or Photoshop manipulated)
  • or any other form I haven't yet thought of.

I'm looking for:

  • Submissions that include the senses. I want to see, smell, hear, touch, and taste the object's world.
  • Specifics: instead of writing I [the object] walked across the street, write I [the object] shuffled or limped across the street.
  • Generally, active vs. passive sentences structures.
  • Circular or surprise endings.

Word/line count maximum: 1,500 for short stories and 30 lines for poems. Fillers: Half of a single-spaced 8'11" page. Poetry: Allow all types. Photos or art: Attached jpg format; do not send it in a pdf document. Formatting: Use 1.5 inch left/right margins, double-space entries, and indent paragraphs. Important: Include contact information (REAL name, address, phone, email) at the top-left hand corner.

Deadlines: December 15 and June 15 for the January/July online editions. Response time: 1-2 weeks. I will reply with personal comments. Submissions are subject to editing but you will have an opportunity to approve suggestions before it’s printed. I prefer using the 'comments' feature in MS Word if revisions are necessary. If you don't know how to use it, I will send them in an email. Rights: First, electronic, 6 month exclusive rights, and reprint rights for the print edition. Payment: Writers will be paid for their time and talent as well as online exposure with a contributor's copy.

Email with “Submission:[object]” in the subject line. Replace '[object]' with the object you are writing about. *NOTE* Do not type the word 'object' or put more than one colon because it will be recognized as spam. Also, tell me how you came to find the website (web search, referred to by someone who wrote for the magazine, etc). I will accept inline text, MS Word, or PDF attachments. If your submission is accepted and you were referred by a previous contributor, both will receive a gift in the mail.

If your submission is accepted, I will ask for an optional photo (head/shoulder shot), a minimum two-three line bio, and an author contract that has to be faxed.

Monique Berry, Editor

A free sample copy of the January 2009 edition is available as a PDF attachment. Send an email with "Request January09 copy" in the subject line to

* * *

Winter Contest

Deadline for Part 1: February 28 at 6:00pm
Deadline for Part 11: March 20 at 12:00pm

Part 1*

A snowflake** has been seeing Dr. Jack Frost. After listening to its story for several months, the doctor decides that the best treatment for the snowflake is to send it to the earth one last time and touch a couple*** who have lost their appreciative perspective. “I am sending you,” said Dr. Frost, “because you’re the only one who has enough wisdom amongst all the snowflakes to ignite the needed spark.”

Questions for the snowflake:
Where did your sessions take place? What are you being treated for? You have an objection to taking this treatment. What is it? You are also suffering from ___phobia. What fear do you have to overcome to finish your assignment? What will your reward be? What is the one thing that you like/dislike about the winter season? Out of the thousands of ways to be romantic, what event did you use to kindle the couple’s feeling of wonder at the uniqueness of this season? What are you going to do to be remembered by the couple? What lesson did you learn about facing your fear?

  • A name suitable for a snowflake.
  • A quote about snowflakes, winter, or elderly wisdom.
  • At least three of the following words/phrases in your entry: whispering trees; poetry; flame; wind; quiver; warm windows and a frosted roof; glints of firelight; thermometer; numb; frozen.
  • Dialogue between the couple.
  • Medical terminology.

The phrase: We interrupt this season/event to…


  • Begin your entry with one of these headlines:
  • The Secret of _____
  • How _____ Made Me _____
  • You Don't Have to _____ to _____
  • Entry must be a minimum length of one single-spaced page.
  • Send it to with “Winter Contest-Part 1” in the subject line.
  • Sign your entry with the snowflake’s username and your real name underneath.
  • Use the wisdom and experiences of the elderly snowflake to tell the reader how it romanticized the couple.

* You will receive instructions for Part II only if you enter Part 1.
** The snowflake is a senior and can be male or female.
*** The couple can be physical, conceptual, or both (eg., two humans; or bitterness and boredom; or a widow and his/her memory).

Prizes will be announced February 14, 2009

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