Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Themed Submission Call - WOMAN - Deadline Jan 15, 2009

Soundzine's Next Issue to Feature: "Woman"

We could list all the allusions, the archetypes, the symbols and metaphors, "woman" as whore, as Madonna, as warrior, as nurturer, etc., but we won't. That's your job. NOTE: We will still accept our usual eclectic range of subject matter outside of the theme.

DEADLINE: January 15, 2009

We accept quality poetry and flash fiction, as well as author's readings. We are now also accepting submissions of music and song. Submissions should be accompanied by a brief bio. Articles concerning literary criticism or theory will also be considered.

Submissions should be e-mailed to: submissions at soundzine dot org.

Soundzine is an online journal for the spoken word. Poetry and stories can be traced at least as far back as Homer, who recited his epics by torch or firelight. It was born and flourished in the milieu of the cadences, inflections and stresses of the human voice. We're not presumptuous enough to think we'll revolutionize the world of literature by turning to the roots of things, which is the real meaning of "radical," but we do think that the modern digital world offers an opportunity to enrich and enliven an art that has waned of late.

For more details regarding our submission requirements and to check out our November issue, please visit our website at

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