Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Submisson Call: New Anthology On The Economy

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If we want to know what it felt like to be alive at any given moment in the long odyssey of the race, it is to poetry we must turn.…[It is] a form of spiritual testimony, the sign of the inviolable self consolidated against the enemies within and without that would corrupt or destroy human pride and dignity.

Stanley Kunitz


Philip Miller and I are soliciting poems for a new anthology, In the Black/In the Red: Poems of Profit & Loss, to be published by Helicon Nine Editions in June 2009. We are seeking poems about the economy: the financial crisis we face as individuals, as a nation, and as part of the globe. Poems may include topics such as wealth, poverty, labor, industry, unemployment, hunger, gluttony, fame, fortune, bankruptcy, the stock market, society, class, being “in” or being “out,” health, homelessness, the environment, oil. war, prison, immigration, and just plain cash (or the lack of it)—in short, any relevant metaphor for an economic boom gone belly up. We’ll also welcome poems in the spirit of Stendhal’s satiric novel, The Red and the Black (which inspired our title) about overfed, opulent, unscrupulous societies like that of Stendhal’s France, and ours.

Email submissions to: and

To avoid problems with accuracy, please type your poems into the body of the email and also include them as Word document attachments (we are unable to open Word Perfect documents). Please limit your submission to three poems of any length and in any style. Surprise us!

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Gloria Vando

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