Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Toronoto Quarterly - Issue One is Out

The Toronoto Quarterly - Issue One is Out

October 5, 2008

Today, I'm pleased to announce that issue one is now available through You can order a copy by simply clicking on the link:

I want to thank Melanie Pierluigi for helping me get through the many poetry submissions we received. I also want to thank everyone who submitted their work and I hope you will do so again in the future.

We are currently taking submissions for issue two, so e-mail your work to:

Enjoy the issue everyone!

Darryl Salach

I have a LOVE of poetry, the kind that punches you in the gut, and leaves a mark, sometimes even a dandy scar, a black eye that you can tell your friends about is some dingy bar in the bad seedy part of town over many draught beers and tequila shots.—Darryl Salach

Submission Guidlines:

Send us 4-5 poems with a brief biography.

Send us 1-2 short stories (500-2500 words) with a brief biography.

Send up photographs, artwork and painting with a brief biography.

Send us your books and cd's and we will consider reviewing them.

Send us 5 to 10 photographs if interested in being a TTQ pinup girl with a brief biography and include photographers copyright.

Send all submissions via e-mail to:

Note: Please mail your books and cd's to:

The Toronto Quarterly
1665 Bloor Street East Suite 103
Mississauga, Ontario
L4X 1S4


fleuve-souterrain said...

is there a deadline for submission?


Darryl's blogspot "" says
"submissions year round, 12 months a year, always!!!" Best to contact him by e-mail at