Friday, November 14, 2008

Scapegoat: New Literary Journal Seeks Submissions - Deadline 12/10/2008

New Literary Journal Seeking Submissions
Deadline 12/10/2008

Hey all you fine looking writers,

I'm soliciting submissions for a great new journal, Scapegoat. We're looking for poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction. I am one of the poetry editors.

Here's a bit about it:

Scapegoat is dedicated to publishing work that is original and thought-provoking. We aim to gather pieces that actively engage with the audience -- they may be puzzling, surreal, or absurd, but they always express an interest in communication. We are not seeking dry or academic exercises in wit or intellect; rather work that resonates with sincere (even if ironically observed) emotion.

And here's the submission page:

You'll have to upload as doc or rtf. Put the cover page with bio inside the doc, and use your last name, the genre of the work, and the date as the name of the document; submissions close December 10.


Christine Hamm


Erika Lutzner

Poetry Editors:
Erika Lutzner
Christine Hamm

Fiction/Non-fiction Editor:
Kate Hall

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