Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Poetry Brothel Mystery School

The Poetry Brothel

This fall The Poetry Brothel will be holding, in addition to our monthly events, the following weekly workshops:

A Finishing School for Poetry Whores
This workshop, taught by The Madame of The Poetry Brothel, is geared toward the development of a poetry "whore" persona through the writing and workshopping of a small body of poetry for this alter-ego. We will be looking at dramatic monologues and erotic poetry primarily, but also at instances of intimacy in poetry on a more minute level. Classes will culminate in a performance at The Poetry Brothel, where students will read their workshopped poems privately to our patrons.
Instructor: Stephanie Berger, The Madame

Theories of Poetic Enunciation
In this workshop we will focus on finding the more resonant qualities of our own voices. We will begin by studying the poetry of great masters to understand how they used their voices to convey particular artistic intentions. Developing a deeper understanding of these poems will help us learn to better articulate our own voices as well as allow them to grow to encompass ever widening circles of emotions and perceptions of the worlds we inhabit. The ultimate goal is to uncover the inherent poetic structure in our own language and better translate it onto, as well as back off of, the page.
Instructor: Nicholas Adamski, Tennessee Pink

Tarot and Poetry
The most fascinating poetry, in any style, opens a door into the unconscious mind, connecting both reader and writer to the perpetual world of myth and dream. Tapping into the primal patterns of the unknown self, poets in this workshop will come to understand ways to incorporate into their work the still, small voice that is so easily hushed and disregarded in daily life. Both as a mode of self-expression and as a way of experiencing the world, poetry transforms and enlightens.
Instructor: Robert Cunningham, King Mab

All of our workshops are four-week sessions and will emphasize the study of poetic masters, the techniques of poetic craft, writing exercises and assignments, generating new poems and critiquing them.

Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings
beginning September 2nd
The Opera House Lofts
27 Arion Place
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Workshop Fee: $300

(Directions: Take F heading towards Coney Island and get off a Delancey St. Transfer to the J heading towards Jamaica Center and get off at Myrtle Ave. Exit near intersection of Broadway and Jefferson St. Start out going West on Broadway towards Melrose St. Turn right onto Arion Pl.)

In the spirit of The Poetry Brothel, all of our instructors are also available for private, one-on-one consultations. These are recommended for those with an existing body of poetic work and a desire for some lengthy, in-depth feedback on it. Consultation Fee: $100 per 2 hours.

To sign up or for further details, please email The Madame at:

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