Saturday, August 2, 2008

OFF THE COAST: New Issue, Editors & Submission Call

OFF THE COAST is back and accepting submissions.
Off the Coast

New Issue, Editors & Submission Call (Deadline 9/15/2008)

Summer 2008 Issue coming August 10th

Contributors: David Adams, Linda Buckmaster, Chris Crittenden,
M. Kelly Lombardi, Bruce Pratt, and others

Artwork by Tino Villanueva, Elizabeth Ostrander, Steve Lautermilch

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Following 13 years of successful publication under the editorship of George and Arlene Van Deventer, the poetry journal Off the Coast has found a new home in Downeast Maine. Valerie Lawson and Michael Brown, the new editors and publishers, are accepting submissions for the next issue until September 15th with publication scheduled for November 1st.

POETRY: Send 1-3 quality poems, any subject or style. We prefer cut-and-paste in
the body of an e-mail. Postal submissions please include an SASE.

GRAPHICS: Off the Coast will continue to include graphics and photographs in black & white and for the cover in color or B&W. Send images in jpg format, 75-100
dpi, approx. 2K pixels on the long side.

BOOKS for REVIEW: Send a single copy of a newly published poetry book for possible review. We are not accepting chapbooks for review at this time.

Contributors whose work is accepted will receive one free copy and
additional copies of the issue in which their work appears for half price.

Subscriptions $35. Subscriptions for the remaining issues in 2008 and the anticipated
four issues in 2009 are $50. Single issue: $10.


Forward all inquiries, submissions, and subscriptions to:

Or :

Off the Coast
P.O. Box 14
Robbinston, ME 04671

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