Sunday, May 16, 2010

GULPER EEL Surfaces & Seeks Nourishment

Gulper Eel ’s mouth is pouch-like and loosely hinged, catches everything that comes its way... hulking angler fish or runtish plankton, no matter. Everything nourishes the Gulper...

Welcome, friends, to Gulper Eel, the Internet’s new refuge for offbeat journalism, fiction, poetry and art. Read the Manifesto; gorge upon our features, our fiction, our poetry, our Mezzotints; join the conversation by leaving your thoughts... And then submit (your work, if not your soul.)

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Then tell your friends. All of them.

Gulper Eel comes in Wakes. The line-up for Wake 1 "Benthos & Belles-Lettres" is listed below.

In the words of Eugene Jolas: “The plain reader be damned!”

See you around, I hope.

Adam Biles
(Gulper Eel Features Editor)


Wake 1: Benthos & Belles-Lettres

Monday 17th May
Gulper Eel Manifesto
The Man Who Walked The Alleys by Colin Hoult
Horizon Beats by Matthew C Golding
Lions by Harriet Alida Lye
Beckett Vs. Clarkson by Kat Nugent
New fiction by Paul Kavanagh and Jeff Crouch
New poetry by Nuala Ní Chonchúir and Neil Ballard

Tuesday 18th May
New fiction by Hunter Qualye Thurssen

Wednesday 19th May
Walt Sent Me by Alex Hoskins

Thursday 20th May
New poetry by Jordan Reynolds

Friday 21st May
Teenage Pastoral # 1: Genesis by Adam Biles

Monday 24th May
James Ellroy and genre by Jean-François Caro

Tuesday 25th May
New fiction by S. Day Sclater

Wednesday 26th May
Cupcake (Part 1) by Anthony Prentis
New poetry by Harriet Alida Lye

Thursday 27th May
From the Border Agency, by Alexander Dickow
New fiction by N. God Savage

Friday 28th May
New fiction by Dulcie Few
New poetry by Andrew James Weatherhead

Monday 31st May
New film by Kate Theodore
New poetry by Howie Good

Tuesday 1st June
New fiction by Diane Payne

Wednesday 2nd June
Correspondence from Harriet Alida Lye
New poetry by Changming Yuan

Thursday 3rd June
New fiction by Craig Jordan-Baker
New poetry by Richard O’Brien

Friday 4th June
Dutch Auction Editorial by Adam Biles
Gulper Eel Wake #2 Preview

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