Monday, November 9, 2009

Scars Publications "Sexy Poets" 2010 Calendar Now Available

Welcome to the Scars Publications “Sexy Poets” Poetry Wall Calendar:

After receiving submissions of both images and poems, Scars has released the 2010 Poetry Wall Calendar that looks phenomenal! Most of the images in this collection are of writer-supplied images, and only a few months have artwork from Scars Publications. A few of the months have two poems on the page, and when it came to December, we added film negatives of prints of a number of writers that are a part of the Scars Publications world.

Check out the authors who have writing in the Scars Publications 2010 “Sexy Poets” Poetry Wall Calendar.:

January: poem by John Yotko (image of ice on trees in Urbana, Illinois)

February: poem by Jill L. Ferguson (image of Jill L. Ferguson)

March: poem by R. N. Taber (image of R. N. Taber)

April: poem by Adam Henry Carriere (image of dolphins in the Pacific Ocean in 2007 near the Galapagos Islands)

May: poem by Chad Newbill (image of Chad Newbill)

June: poem by Michael Lee Johnson (image of an old upturned small boat near a retention pond in Naples, Florida)

July: poem by Michael Dubé (2 images of Michael Dubé)

August: poem by Anthony Hall (image of Anthony Hall)

September: poems by Jessica Reidy and Patricia Carragon (image of Jessica Reidy)

October: poem by Sam Brown (image of Sam Brown)

November: poems by Rachel Mehl and Joey Connelly (image of Rachel Mehl)

December: poems by Kevin Michael Wehle and Rose E. Grier (image of snow on a trees from Grunee, Illinois in the background, with two images of a camera for the poems taken by John Yotko, with two film negative collages of: Iliana Vasquez, Rose E. Grier, Charlie Newman and John Yotko, and LLL-Phoenix, “Dionysus Don” Mathis, and A.J. Chilson & Miles)

Poems & Photos are currently on view at on the Scars Publications website:

and this highly collectible Calendar is available right now for sale (if anyone is interested):

Special thanks to Kevin Wehle for sharing the original submission call and this update!

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