Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Power of Literacy Contest Deadline Sept 22

Writing and poetry contest open to adults

In honor of International Literacy Day and Muskogee Area Adult Literacy Day, Muskogee Area Literacy Council and Muskogee Public Library are sponsoring a writing contest for adults 18 and over.

Categories are: Compositions or poems

Theme: The Power of Literacy

One of the following quotes must be used within your composition.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. — W. Fusselman

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. — Chinese Proverb

It must be used in a way that it fits the composition and makes sense.

Composition requirements:

Must be original, limit one entry per person. You may choose to write in any genre 300 to 500 words in length. One of the quotes must be chosen and used within the composition. Typed or neatly written on one side of the page only (double spaced). It must be in English. Do not bold, underline, use charts tables or graphs. If typing, the font should be no smaller than 12 point.

On the back of the page, please write the following: Author’s name, the genre you have chose to write in, the quote you have chose to use, your mailing address and your telephone number(s).

Judging criteria - compositions:

Creativity; originality; content, staying within chosen genre; use of quote; details; grammar; punctuation; sentence structure; organization of thought and word choice; spelling; neatness.

Poetry requirements:

The poem must be written with “The Power of Literacy” as the theme; must be original (limit one entry per person); no more than 20 to 25 lines; can be written in any form; typed or neatly written on one side of the page only.

On the back of the page, please write the following: The form of poetry you have chosen to write in, author’s name, your mailing address and your telephone number(s).

Judging criteria - poems:

Thematic unity; effective use of language providing message and interest; originality in approach; creativity; choice of words and readability; mood intensity; overall impact; form and flow; spelling; neatness.

Entry deadline:

Entries must be received no later than 4 p.m. Sept. 22. Entries must be submitted in person or mailed to: Muskogee Area Literacy Council, 801 W. Okmulgee Ave., Muskogee 74401 No faxed entries will be accepted.

Notice to all entrants:

Winners will be announced Sept. 29 during a reception, which will begin at 7 p.m. in the southeast room at Muskogee Public Library.

The reception will be for the entrants and their families, as well as, the public.

If you have any questions, call Penny Chastain, adult literacy coordinator, Muskogee Public Library, 682-6657, Ext. 246.

All decisions made by the judges are final.

By entering this contest, contestants give consent for their compositions and poems to be published by the Muskogee Area Literacy Council.

Employees of Muskogee Public Library and members of Muskogee Area Literacy Board are not eligible to enter.

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